H: Obesity is a big problem in US and UK now


B: People are getting too much too eat.  Eating and doing nothing.  Sitting at computers and in the digital world.  Eating it all away.  Too much financial growth.  Ego is the one who is eating the food.  But you have forgotten ego is illusional.  You forget to think what is going on in your head and in your body, you just keep on eating. 


Maya  is your king and ego is rampant.  All ego does is devour family friends and food.  It devours everything.  An egotistic person cannot do good to himself.  He is so trapped in money.  He earns 100K but cant buy a good car, because he is scared to spend.  In his dream he wants to earn and become a king.  But when he comes to spend he chops his own feet – he is scared to spend and buys something a lot cheaper.  Then as he drives it, the thought eats at him he should have bought the expensive car.  But still he braggs to others ‘I could have bought an expensive car…’.


Its all ego and Maya  – that how it traps you.


(Baba ji laughs).


Ego is not happy at work , or sleeping, or with family, or with religious place, or at kings palace or a pauper’s house.   Ego cannot be happy anywhere, because it is cast from falsehood, from illusion.  Ego itself is a thorn in the side of the person within whom it lives.  Ego is a thief that is robbing you of God’s will.


An egotistic person cannot enjoy anything.  His is a misery even when he gets a raise at work (complains its not enough).  Ego is misery.  He cant enjoy his own kids, he cannot enjoy his own religion, or food or wearing clothes, jewels or diamonds.  He cant even enjoy the luxuries he has bought.  He cant enjoy his wife let alone anything else.  He cant give his wife a higher status than him, or his inlaws, or his parents, or his kids.


It is such a sickness.  It is a sexually transmitted disease of the mind … old fools wont like that expression.  But the scripture says –“ego is a chronic disease”.  I just gave it a new name, because no one is listening to the old names becase they heard it so many times before.  Their ego is making them deaf to their own Guru (the scriptures) – they are not listening to their own Guru – they are overruling their own Guru in their own self.


That’s why I say, ‘Hey narrow minded religious fanatics,  you are trying so hard but you havent learnt the simple thing that pride is enemy of naam.  How will you get rid of ego?"


“Gur ka versekamaa” … whatever the Guru says keep on doing it.  Keep hacking at the ego with full conviction (dil laakay).