B: The one who starts obeying the inner command gets blessed with Naam from the Guru.  Most Gurus are in love with Naam and don’t give it away too easily.  They make you become very loyal before giving Naam.  I gave it for free, without getting people to become loyal first.  I only obeyed God and have no regrets.  God gave Naam to me.  If I save it for myself only then my greed becomes a poison inside.  God gave it to me, I passed it on.  Only passing it onto God in you anyway!  Its God in our hearts who is crying for Himself.  Then your mind never troubles you like when you earn money and save it, make sure it doesn’t cause greed.


Eg both parents keep money secret from each other and from the kids, their greed means there is no love no trust causes fights.  Husband and wife lie to each other and to the kids – no love, artifical relationship for show.  Causes fights, you will always fight unless you have Truth in your heart.  God will make you fight.  That is why every house is fighting and arguing and burning in desires and wishes.  Expecting rewards for your service is ok when earning money, but not in loving devotional worship.  In loving devotional worship you are giving back EVERYTHING to GOD without any desire for reward.   I DIDN’T DO THAT and DIDN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO DO THAT eg people say to God I did X amount of ritual readings or turning beads, now take my pain away.  That’s bartering with God!


So what does God do next, he gives you another pain, and what do you do?  Another X amount of ritual readings or turning beads.   You never get out of reincarnation through bartering.  Majority of religious people are bartering with God for worldly benefits.  But pursuing Maya they waste their life.  To make it worse, when they pursue worldy benefits by bartering with God with pressed hands infront of their Guru, then they have brought their Guru into Maya too!   Wereas the Guru was supposed to get them out of Maya!


When you keep on doing selfless service, giving a tithe and doing your loving devotional worship  WITHOUT expectation of REWARD you’ll be amazed what happens.  God will make you like Himself.  That’s what HE did. HE created the creation and GAVE IT ALL AWAY and said "Now solve the puzzle and come on home."  God doesn’t care how long it takes you to solve the puzzle.  He will wait countless lifetimes.   It is you who is suffering if you don’t want to solve the puzzle.


God is not suffering.  God is beyond Maya.  It is your ego that is causing you to suffer, under the ego is the God part that wants to go home.  Do selfless service expect nothing in return, then you’ll get the diamond.  You’ll reach the point where nothing troubles you.  If someone steals your property you’ll say thankque.  If someone murders your family you’ll say, “thankque, you’ve broken my attachments.” 


It doesn’t matter who dies, you’ll just see the Supreme Being in everything.  But when you have ego as a lesser god then you will get hurt.  Don’t hesitate in giving,  and expect nothing in return.  When the Guru gives you Naam don’t expect anything else from the Guru in return.   Just meditate upon it.  You got the priceless gift so what else is there to get from the Guru? Don’t start expecting things from the Guru.  Don’t get naam and become ungrateful and just expect rewards of your selfless service and Satnaam meditation.  Take the naam and become the naam.  You will get everything without asking.  That naam gift doesn’t bite – has no side effects.  This is a debt you don’t have to pay back – naam is your gift from God, and you will become like Him.


Everything you do will be without guilt – you are unaccountable  – you are above Dharam Raj (Divine Judge – means your actions are no longer going to cause you to be reborn, because all your actions are no longer done under desire, but by the Supreme Light of God inside you.).  Everything that happens is success – it is all gain.


If my whole family and congregation goes, I only gained more peace and more Satnaam meditation.  If people slandered me, then I gained more time, they lost their peace.  They have given me so much – they don’t know.  Now they have complained about God taking one thing from them and forgotten the none other things he has still left them.   Even if my wife and children say we are leaving you alone, I will say  “Thankque.  God is also alone! And I am God-like."  I would just live in my car and be happy about it.  People say a Guru is half-mad anyway, he goes away from the world.   I am quite happy to drive around and become a vagabond Guru and even throw the car keys away if that was God’s command and walk with nothing.


Emperor Sikandar (Alexandar the Great) conquored the world but went with empty hands.
The Egyptians wealth was left in the pyramids, they couldn’t take it with them.  Nanak took the real wealth with him, so did Jesus and Mohammed – why not you?


Load good deeds.  You don’t have to put them on your shoulder (wont weigh you down) – why are you loading all material things for?  When you are in the illusion of the duality then accountability of actions carries on and that is the thing that bites you – your guilty conscience, your greed, your ego.


If some beggar comes to you and asks for money give it to them – it is God speaking on their tongue.  Just think you owed it to them.  You are born here to pay your dues from last lifes, so finish them all off, pay your dues.