B: The philosopher’s stone is poverty (attitude of "I am nothing, I am no one, nothing is mine, no one belongs to me" etc).  The word Truth (SAT) is that stone.  People take it literally (think there is a phisopher’s tone) and are looking for diamonds in the earth.  Look in your heart and find the diamond in there dummies!  That’s the mine you have not searched.


A diamond can be a prism.  The Trikuti (third eye – meeting point of the three spiritual channels that comprise the kundalini- ida pingala and shushmana) is entry into that stone – it’s a prism in forehead.  Philosophers stone is conquoring of the mind.  The moment you let your heart live attributes of God come out. 


You don’t have to read about it (by reading scriptures) as it is already in you as attribute of God.  You have to let the heart live.  Wash misdeeds, and the Godly attributes will come out themselves. (Like a diamond covered in mud, wash off the mind’s dirt, and God the dimaond within us is revealed.  Then we feel love, compassion, kindness etc inside.  The saints who felt this wrote the scriptures to inspire us to feel the same.)  When you are in love you want to do good to others naturally.  The heart wants to unravel what we killed at age of three by becoming an ego – the sense of "I AM SOMEONE".


You want wisdom I’ll give you benefit of my experience.


H: Baba ji its your wisdom but only our knowledge.


B: When you start living it, then you will taste it.


H:  In one extended family we know, the daughter-in-law has started taking anti depression tables.


B: The examples I gave in the congregation were of the wife pushing the husband away to the prostitutes and the prostitute is actually the Guru.


A new movie is out, it tells the true story of today : DEV DAS    and also another one THE GUIDE.  The latest DEV DAS is the truest story of today’s beings – its great, its true.
H: We meet that family quite often – the parents-in-laws are in there 60s retired, they say they are content, but when thy speak they are not. 


B: They are only saying they are content from logic and ego, but are just covering up their heart.  If they were really contented they would be laughing day and night in “sat chit anand.” Truth-Consciousness-Bliss.


So tell them "stop lying get out of your logic and ego."  If daughter-in-law is depressed then her in-laws are her killers anyway.  They are living false pretence, she is telling this truth, "I am  popping pills, they are my executors."
H: I need to split from my parents they said they don’t want to live with us anyway.


B: When they say it, it is God speaking on every tongue.  The dues are over and the day has come : GOODBYE.  HE takes HIS divine law,.    Under logic we try to keep family together but in the end we must separate – it fails, because HIS divine law prevails.


I would love to see it fail very soon after the kids get married.  Away from the parents and in-laws they will live their hearts out.  Their hearts will be better off.  Parents are the executors of their kid’s desires.  Parents force their will, they want their unfulfilled desires in their children.  Thus kill their own children by their overpowering own desire.


They kill them very nicely eg "I am not going to give you my inherintence".  They teach them GREED.  They play pawns with their kid’s heart.  They use emotional blackmail, "we wont talk to you – you are not our daughter if you do that".


She should reply, "I am not your daughter anyway, it’s an illusion.  I am God’s daughter.  What makes you think I am your daughter? Isn’t selfish attachment illusion?"


H: Parents think their daughter is their propetry who they brought into this world,  cherished and brought up with great care and attention.


B: If she’s the property that you gave birth to, then you might as well collect her shit everyday – that’s also your property.  Have a cess pit in the backyard to contain your property!  You might as well save all the hair and nail clippings and spit of the kids too – that’s your property.


Why don’t they do that?  Because they are all part of the hypocritcal nonsense.  Parents think, “The baby came out of us, we own it, we own our children.” But they don’t own it.  No, it came out of involuntary muscles secretion and joy – YOU HAD NO CONTROL AT THAT TIME EITHER.  And I am saying all this because its all Truth.


They are still under illusion.  The mother is under the illusion that she gave birth to the daughter.


The baby’s soul goes in without her control, incubates without her control, and comes out without her control.  She has no control (birth and death is Gods hand and pre-written, so before getting pregnant does mum know the following?).  Does she know the precise moment of conception?  Does she know the exact time the birth will occur?  Does she know the time the nose developed on the front of the face?  Does she know the time when the toes came?  Does she know the time when its going to be born?  When she doesn’t know all that then nothing is hers – its all her ILLUSION.


Show this to your mum and dad and don’t flush the toilet from now on!  If they could save the manure of the children they don’t have to buy fertilizer – good farming!