Never do anything wrong.  That’s what we tell the children.  Eg Don’t lie, if you have broken anything we are not going to hurt you.   If you done something wrong that happened by chance then don’t hide, tell us so we can help you.  So the thing doesn’t dwell in your mind and you don’t have to hide it.  If you need money theres some money lying around in boxes, use it with dicipline.  You get pocket money, when money runs out can take from the moneybox, leave an I.O.U. next time you get pocket money repay plus one dollar.


That way they learn next time don’t run out of money fast.  And they did, they never stole and they never lied.  Do it with all your children, show them how to handle money how to put it into piggy bank and let them spend it, teach them early to save.  Let them save and watch it grow.
Some parents take the kid’s savings, they are the thief then , their deed has gone down.  Parents need more bhagti than kids.  The scripture is aimed at adults to unwind their minds.