Pritam Anand:  One person who was blessed greatly by Baba Ji gained many spiritual powers whilst in humble service.  Then his ego told him to leave the service of Baba Ji.   He went to a psychic.  She told him a had a very powerful aura and that he had come to ferry across lost souls.  So he left his bhagti and divine wisdom (that teaches us to be servant of God’s servants).  He come home and told his family the great news for him, that he was the saviour.  His whole family left the path of humble service and set out to make yet another grouping, on top of which they started slandering Baba Ji.  We pray that God keeps them  at His feet.    We do not wish anything bad for them , nor that they fall from Grace.    We say the service they did, the Satnaam meditation they did, the love and devotion they showed was blessed blessed (dhan dhan). 


When he approached me to leave Baba Ji and follow his new path, I just requested him "First, conquor your five thieves."  He asked me, "Well have you conquored yours?"   And I replied, "Yes, my five thieves are under my total control."  To which I humbly added, "Yours are not under your control.  so you are free to do whatever you want. But I will give you one piece of divine wisdom, dont point the finger at others (slander them).  Just point your finger inwards and see what you are doing under the influence of the five theives.  Then ask yourself if what you are doing is right or wrong?  Weigh your actions upon the scale of Truth.  I am not higher than you, I am just the dust of your feet. 


Later that night in my meditation, Akal Purakh (Immortal Being)  gave us a vision of a golden chain.  but one of the links was black.  The next morning, their family were all sitting together and I said to them that one person in their family was bringing everyone down.  They asked, "Who is it?"  I said, "You already know.  So why do I have to say?  I have told you what Akal Purakh has shown me.  I dont create problems by naming and blaming."  Then I added, "The moment Akal Purakh shows me that the path I am on is false, then that very moment I will leave it.  But in this life, I have been graced with Baba Ji’s kindness.  I am nothing, you all go and do your bhagti.  Anyone who wants to leave the service of Baba Ji can, there is no restrictions from me.   Do whatever you like.  I am not here by force, neither is anyone else.  Neither do I tell people do this or dont do that.  That is not my right.  I meditate on the One Light that’s all, not control others.  I am living in the blissful love (anand) of the Beloved (Pritam).  Pritam Anand is the spiritual name Baba Ji has blessed me with.  That’s the state I aim to remain in.  Years ago when I came I said to Baba Ji, "Dear Father, please bless me with Naam."  And Baba Ji said without hesitation or judgement, "Here you go."   Then recently I asked for a spiritual name, and Baba Ji said "Choose one yourself."  I said, "No dear Father, please you give us a spiritual name."  And he blessed me with the name Pritam Anand.  When he gave me that name, I went into smadhi and my arms lifted wlecoming in the Divine Truth into my heart.  All my remaining inner darkness was blown away.  I dont leave the service of the one who has given me all these spritual gifts and control of the five thieves.  I live in the LOVE of Truth, not in fear of what people say about me.”


After that they all left and never bothered me again.  Although they called every single other person who was also on the path of Truth to slander Baba Ji and to follow their new group.  No one left Baba Ji’s service, and no one slandered that family even though it would have been easy to do so.  That is not Baba Ji’s teachings.  Only return kindness for hate.