B: Knowing their partner has had a child after being raped, many Westerners get over it.  They have used their knowldege of their own experience to get over it.  And that is better than the one who reads the scripture but doesn’t forgive and doesn’t get over it – he is the biggest fool.


If you are raped forgive them, your debt is paid, you didn’t asked for it – he did the crime.
But you forgive him you move forward, you reap reward for yourself, the thorn is out of your mind.  The rapist has done it, the thorn is in his mind , he will suffer it, he has to conquor that mind.


You move forward by forgiving others.


That’s why when you pray you need to ask for God’s mercy and God’s forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the greatest potent force because love takes place for your enemy.  And you must have that, because if you as Guru are going to ferry your slanderer as well, then you  must have that love for them.


Don’t tie yourself in your thought by your good or bad experiences. Just accept it came from God.  It is in your karma, accept it, forgive them and move on.  You can still become a Guru (no matter if you were abused).  A raped woman can become a Guru and they will be better Gurus than so called Gurus (half of which are just robbers in white clothes).  A repented thief can become a Guru because they know why they stole and what pain they had to suffer for it.  And if they get a chance to worship God they really become Gurus.


Why does a father rape his daughter?  Because he was her partner at least once in a past life and they have dues to repay, but now in intellectual society we get offended.   So why does it still happen when no one wishes for it?  Because it is Will of God, it has happened in the past and it will happen again now to pay the debt.  The only thing that we are here on earth to do is to our deeds.  By good deeds we become pure.  By paying for misdeeds we become pure.  We go from hell to Truth.  Hell is all actions done in desire,  Realm Of Truth (Realm Of Truth) is all actions done in "I am nothing".


So everything there is pain and pleasure is by karma.  Someone doesn’t want to get married but get married but does in end – why?  Because illusion says I don’t want to get married , but he does in the end because the Divine Command (Hukam) will always prevail.  A child says, “I don’t want to study”, but if the Hukam is otherwise it will prevail and that child becomes a lawyer.


“appay ras aapay rasiaa” – He is the Joy and the Enjoyer.


From rape to the best love making at the highest temple is all Him in separated form.  He is the  ‘Heer and Ranja’ of every love story. 


H: In a TV soap a raped woman became pregnant.  The storyline was about if she should keep the baby.


B:  She should keep the baby as it is under Divine Command.  If you abort the baby then you make karma with that spirit.  Nothing is bad under His Divine Command.