B: A lover of God knows nothing – illiterate,  and another man becomes a phD or becomes a King
but in the end both go naked.  But the lover of God is ahead of the other educated King.  A saint asked King Scandarabad (Alexander the Great) “What do you want to do?"  He said "I want to conquor country after country" and he did.  The King asked the saint what do you want, he replied "I want to conquor myself.  You will conquor the whole world but you will lose everything to death, so I will conquor myself and will take everything with me – take my soul to God.”


All literature written is actually a piece of garbage just to keep us busy in reading.  Because we keep on reading and reading and reading and say we are learned.  But the scripture says that the learned person is a fool.  Great is the person who is learned in one word ‘SATNAAM’ and forget about everything else.  Just go and enjoy life (living under God’s Hukam – not consumed by desires).


What He makes you do be concerned with that, not with what the world is doing.  If you look at the world you will become like the world and that is all Maya .  Do what He is making you do (and not rules and regualtions in the world) that is where all friction is caused by in all religions, country and in every house.