Langar is made by love , without wants.  The eater should also eat with joy without wants.  Then both meet with love and bow to each other and say to God "What greatness you have done."   And take no credit for self  and say "I did nothing."   I have eaten all langars, made them and served them too.   Having done so I can say that service is good where wants were not there.  mangna chit na away.  Eater was good when mangnaa chitna avay.   The food was good when there where no wants attached – that was Gods’ food.  Such a langar only a rare one knows.   This langar is made in a rare place, in that place there is no need for religion.  People have true love, they serve one another by making and feeding each other – this happens rarely.  Like today there is no wants here today (at a gursikhs’ house), this is the true langar.  Otherwise there are so many religious places where people eat langar but go home as dunger (animal conscious).  That is not langar, that is Maya .   Ego doesnt die, their wants dont stop, their anger doesn’t stop, they cant  stop slandering …. (BabaJi laughs heartily).    What use is a religious place like that if the langar they serve sends people home still with animal consciousness.  Stay away from people and places like this – you will do well to do so.  SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT.