B: How can you start a religious society at your place of study or in your community if you are not a Guru?  You may be initiated by your relgion and think you can, but there is no power in relgious initiations.  It is only a ceremony and only good if you change yourself inside by following the scriptures 100%.  If there was power in relgious initiation you would get instant enlightenment.  If there was power there would be no fighting between the initiated ones and no need for Gurus either.     To be able to make others God-like is only possible after earning the scriptures, changing yourself inside and becoming God-like yourself. 


Today religious people have made their worldy wisdon into their Guru and that is what is happening in religious places and in their homes.  Ideally if you get intitated, then don’t dare ask for anything else from the Guru.  It is such a great gift and don’t complain if your whole family dies as well – only thank God.  Once you have given your head to God, you have given everything – total surrender, so become nothing.   Then God will love you so much He steps aside and gives everything to the one who has given HIM everything.  Even if God takes you family and wealth then still thank God for still being alive and able to meditation on Satnaam you cannot barter with God AT ALL, until you have given 100% total surrender, become nothing.