B: This is the game (khed) of karma.  If you borrowed even a penny (and said you would return it) you will have to get get born again to get it back.  It is sow and reap.


People have road rage because they are not happy with anything , keep complaining in their life (sowing negativity) and it all blows up in rush hour on the roads (reaping anger).
Pritam Anand works 4 Km away so avoids the traffic.  And I avoid rush hours and takes scenic routes.  Just do your Satnaam meditation.  If it’s rush hour, just wait another 45 mins then go.  If you are stuck in traffic just do Satnaam meditation.  Whoever looks ugly towards you just say to them ‘stay in peace (‘sukhee ra’).  Whoever shouts at you just say "blessings to you" ( "dhan dhan ra’). 
The thing (to remember) is that you are only fighting your own vices, no one else.  The moment you lose to them  you are going to sow something wrong.  You lose for 1 second (to anger) and you will get 20 minutes of misery.  I used to arrange congregation (at the house) at off-peak hours – later in evening (7pm onwards) so people could avoid rush hour.