B: When there is no EGO and you are His lover of God then you will be obeying every order that comes to you in the mind and from outside and acknowledging God around you.  In your daily meditation and deeds you will be obeying every order that comes to you.  And you have to start talking to him in meditation and in the mind ask "Sachay Patshah (True Lord) what shall I do now?"


Then he will start talking to you too.  Now He’s home..”munn vasay”..residing in the mind.


Gian (Divine wisdom) and everything else now has to be sown in you.  He will tell you where you have to go, what you have to do and that isn’t necessarily going to the religious place but the whole world. 


Then your relatives from past lives have to come to be saved by the Guru, so they will start coming to you.  Then the congregation grows.  Then the tests start for congregation and for you.  Then another Guru will come and same story gets played again.  They will remember Baba ji – can never forget him!


Leave everything upto HIM and then everything falls into place.  HE shows the way first to his lover of Gods.  So the lover of God already knows what the congregation is going to do.  The congregation comes and says ‘I cant give tithe (tenth of money – daswand) ..excuse , excuse etc’.  They forget who gave them the NAAM, and the price of NAAM can never be paid, so tithe is not paying for NAAM it’s not a deal, tithe is you giving everything back to God.  They lost their faith.  They forgot Baba ji gave them naam first, before they were worthy or had done any selfless service.  But now they come out and are going back into Maya .  And Maya  is going to get stronger and stronger and you will go back to buying Akhand Paats (ritual readings) to get your things done for SUKH (fufilling your wordly wants). 


Maya  catches you and will keep you in pain.  You know nothing of the the scripture, you slandered a Guru, God cant forget until the Guru forgives the slanderer.