Everything is going to be OK.  Always will be OK.  When He gives His Naam and we meditate in sat santokh (contentment in Truth), then all around us will be OK.  Baba Ji starts chanting.  

Sat naam – The One Named Truth.


Sat naam.


Always, always the giver of Eternal Peace.


Sat naam.


Always, always, always with me.


Sat naam.


Always with me.
Supreme Power.
Perfect Light.
True Word.
True Sound.


Sat naam


One Source.


Sat naam.


One Being.


Sat naam.


Highest of the High,
Supreme Master,
Truth is Your name,  
Sat is Your naam.
Sat naam.


O my mind remember Sat naam.
The blessed mantra is Sat naam.


Sat naam diamond,
may You reside in my heart.
Sat naam beloved,
may You reside in my every breath.


O my eyes may you see only Sat,
ears may you hear only Sat.
Tongue may you chant Sat,
sing Sat, always and forever Sat Sat Sat.
Hands may you serve Sat,
and my deeds be full of Sat.
Mind may you wash the feet of Sat
with loving remembrance.
Then in Truth’s court you will see Sat.
O Supreme Being, Your naam is Sat :
Your one name is Truth.  


Sat Sat Sat,
You are the One Light.
Sat Sat Sat,
Your Creation is Your shadow.
Sat Sat Sat,
You are the One and Only.
You reside in the seven chakras of my body.
You permeate all realms of my consciousness.
Your name has taken me from the shadow to the Light.
What was dormant in my heart now shines bright.
Wherever I look I see only You, Sat.


You are the One Light, yet the source of all.
You are the universe and my innerverse.
Wherever I look I see only You Sat.
Here Sat – there Sat.
Always with me.
In and around me,
Always, always, always
Sat Sat Sat.


See it as simple as that.   Anand(bliss) complete anand(bliss).  The whole room is throbbing.   Feel the heart BOOM – opening.