(Pritam Anand lives with Baba Ji, works a normal life and brings up family).


Pritam Anand:  The scripture says "you are still sleeping even though your Guru has awoken".  The scripture says that you should get up and do service of your Guru.  Eg Kabir swept floors for Guru Ramanand, Amaru fetched bath water for Guru Angad in the early morning.     So Pritam Anand gets up before Baba ji, gets tea ready for him and waits for him to come downstairs.  Then he prostrates (dandauth).


B: I never expect any service from anyone.  I said to God, “I only want to serve You, not to be served.”


Pritam Anand:  I am so blessed to get to see the Guru everyday.    Everything is gained through God’s grace.   However, it is not practical for everyone to serve their Guru in person.   This is a spiritual path, so you just have to have the attitude that you are serving your Guru in everything you do.   Keep this serving attitude on the inside and you will get the spiritual rewards inside too.