B: Shiva didn’t lie when he put forward the “lingam” (sexual organ as his symbol). He said God’s main purpose of creating everything is evolution.  And evolution has to come from the organs.  Sex and intercourse is not bad.  This is the temple of God from where evolution starts. HOW CAN IT BE BAD?


Shiva is not lying.  Shiva’s emblem has a moon crescent and star above like Mohammed – that is female energy they are taking about.  Then male energy is represented by the sun.  The Egyptian pharoes some had a Mother Goddess.  The male and female powers are called the IDA and PINGALA (spiritual channels going up the spine, top of head meeting at third eye) within this body.  IDA and PINGALA is actually what is meant by moon and sun, mother and father godesses and gods.


These two male and female energies are within and called IDA and PINGALA.  And the  SUSHMANA (third spiritual channel intertwined with IDA and PINGALA) is the INNER COMMAND.  The SUSHMANA holds the power that powers the other two.


This is the trinity and these are the whole things.  You have to understand all of this.  There is nothing wrong with Shiva. There are Shivas in Greek mythology.  The same things in Greek mythology took place in Mahabharata (Hindu Epic Scriptures).


You find supernatural powers ( 18 sidhis, 9 nidhis) everywhere – just everywhere, but you have to use your brain and work it out what mythology really means.  Praying to the “lingam” actually represents praying to fertility = power behind evolution – God!’  But they don’t make the connection.  So use commonsense we are not fools any more, we are are in 21st century. Put 2 and 2 together.


The highest Budha is the one in tantric (sexual) union, but actually that is just explanation of evolution, the power of union.  The power of sexual organs.  If they weren’t there, you wouldn’t be born!


So where is the factory God uses?  It’s the one between man and woman.  So why would He be any different and away from you?  He is there in your consciousness, find Him!  He talks to you every day but you are not listening to Him.  If you talk to him and listen to him you will be happiest person in the world.  That’s what I am – "sat chit anand" (Bliss of a mind merged with Truth).    Because you break all the illusions.