jis no bakhasae sifath saalaah ||
naanak paathisaahee paathisaahu ||25||
"One who is blessed to sing the Praises of the Lord,
O Nanak, is the king of kings. ||25||" – Guru Nanak the scriptures 5


H: What is sifath saalaah? (sing the praises)


B: When you meet the Outer-Guru (the one within whom the Inner-Guru has become manifest eg SatGuru Baba Ji), he joins you with your Inner-Guru,  the ETERNAL INTERNAL GURU.  And that Inner-Guru is within your mind – your intuitive thought.


So if you are talking to HIM (the Inner-Guru) and obey HIM (by listening to your intuition) and HE listens to it, and your talking back and forth (praising – sifath saalaah) then you are PATSHAH PATSHAH (King of Kings).


The one who does “sift salaah” is the one who is going to transcend everything. 


Communicate with your intuitive thought – with your ETERNAL INTERNAL GURU.  When you will "See the light" you will see me (Baba Ji’s radiant spiritual form).  And that is proof enough that what I have outside is also beyond (i.e. true in the spiritual world).  That way I am the right path and you have the right name (satnaam).  Scripture says there is only one name that is priceless.  All other names had a price on it because they were done by lover of Gods.  They all were “kirtam naams” meaning they were praise names given to God by others, by His creation.  But the Name he give Himself was SATNAAM. 


His NAAM is SAT.  Even the the part NAAM is like shadow of the light, but SAT is absolutely original , absolute TRUTH.  That’s it- as simple as that.


H: Scripture doesn’t mention SATNAAM much.


B:  “ravidas japio satnaam”,  “kabir rachio SACH NAAM”.


“SACH” is same as “SAT” its just a translation, it means same thing : TRUTH, but confuses people.  


“HAR HAR HARI” is the same as “WAHEGURU WAHEGURU”, same as “GOBIND GOBIND” – its only praise.  HE has only one name,  one seed, one Beej mantra, one Mool Mantra, One Maha Mantra.  There is only one naam of HIS  that’s the highest – SAT.


Names like HAR, RAM, GOBIND refer to GOD and not to people or lover of Gods named that. (Eg Kabir Ji writes that when he recites RAM he is not referring to the king Ram, but the One who is beyond letters.)


But HIS name comes as “HAR HAR HAR” three times, it transcends trikuti.  You can say “HAR HAR HAR SAT”.  


SAT SAT SAT = 3 * 7 = 21    (In Punjabi Sat means Truth and also means number 7).


21 is number of the SATGURU.   The Satguru can sit anywhere and will produce congregation.
The congregation can sit anywhere but not produce the SATGURU.  The religious place feels empty because there is no SATGURU (living GURU).


I am a cool cat, normal as possible, that’s how you are supposed to be.  The living example of Truth –  living Guru.