B:  Gurprasadi naam, “SAT NAAM” is the most important key.  People can deny it and say things lesser than that but I laugh at them.  Where SAT is there is laughter and joy.  Everything else is false, the slanderers face is not in bloom but in gloom.


Anyone who has slandered “SAT” (Truth) and the SAT RAM DAS (Servant of God the Truth), their smiles are false.  And God will make them slip and false words will come out of their mouths.  Their mind is being punished by the cosmic consciousness – the guilty mind attracts punishment.  They have fake smiles, but the words that come out are resentment, anger and slandering and that’s where they lose.


Their false words are connected to feelings of the heart and thoughts of their dead mind.  God will make you blurt out what is really inside you (regardless of your false smile).  God is the witness inside you 24 hrs a day.  He doesn’t rest – is always watching you – you cant run from it.  God is the cosmic consciousness.  God is in the trikuti as the VISHNU avtar who is watching everything.  But to watch VISHNU avtar God is (still above him as God is Vishnu plus another) 15% transparent translucent. 


Even Nanak was one with God but God is always 15% separate.  Always 15% difference and always was and always will be.  That is why one saint challenges another and one religion challenges another at a later time and place and evolution.  Yet He is transparant and translucent from all religions and is the MASTER OF ALL.


EK ANG SAT SAT SAT – (Baba Ji gave this new, higher vibration mantra meaning The One God Resides Within The Body and is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH)


The Greatest.






The Highest.