(Watching the video of Babaji’s congregation doing kirtan, the tabla player is in trance – eyes half open). 


B:  All he sees is light and Guru and nothing else.  He is not the one playing tabla (God is).  The day you go into smadhi you wont really know what it feels like.  When you go into smadhi and your hands fail, your soul will watch your hands and not be able to open it – God is in control.  You wont be able to open it , open your eyes and try to do it, but you cant move it.  He will take your hand and put it on the floor and you may order it to pick it up, but it wont come up.  In that situation you have to do “gareebee prayers” a humble request to the Lord.  “Sachay Patshah (True Lord) I know You are there, so its You."  Then it will open.


People in the congregation couldn’t get up from sitting cross-legged and had to do the “gareebee prayers”.  Even SM ji would make tea for guests but sometimes couldn’t open her hand until she did “gareebee prayers”.


MATA JI: Right now God is in our heart, but when the Amrit comes flooding down then he makes you dance and sing and puts on the show -we are all His puppets.  Kids may be asking me for something but I would go into spontaneous smadhi as God desired, and for 30 -45 min wold be intoxicated.  After that I would come back into this body and say ‘OK kids what did you want?’


B: Its not Mata ji, God is the One doing it all.  Sometimes God tells her ‘lets go to the store’  She says, “No.” But the inner voice said, “Yes, go now.”   So she goes and finds a sale, infact it will be a sale on the sale prices!  And it is the right size of shoes and the voice says ‘this is for you’. 


Now when we go out shopping we always end up at sale prices and further sales.  It has happened so many times.  We went to a restaurant and had a big meal.  The waiter never charged enough.  We told him, but he said “No, it is done – that’s all $9”.  Our job was to tell him , but he said ‘shush’  (forget about it.)


So little things happen all the time.  That is the God you have to find – in all little things, taking care of every thing for you.  In congregation days, Mata ji would think we need flour and milk (to prepare langar for the congregation).  Then there would be a knock on the door and congregation has come with flour and milk!  Sometimes you want to buy something, you go but cant find anything – that day He didn’t want you to buy anything.


MATA JI: God says to me (inner voice) “Get up make kheer (rice pudding).”  I get happy that God is talking to me and make it.  Then I say “Baba ji now what?".  He says “Come and sit down and your eating is feeding ME.’


B: once coming back from the religious place in the car I thought, ‘ I want to eat pindia (ladyfinger curry).’   Mata Ji was at home cooking carrot curry.  I came home and asked, “What’s to eat?”  She replied, “Carrots.”   I said, “Ok, bring it over, but I was thinking of eating Ladyfingers today.”   She answered, “O there was leftover Ladyfingers in the fridge and I mixed it in!”


I looked in the bowl and the Ladyfingers were right there. 


You have to become sensitive and notice these things.  Then you enjoy life.  Then your faith and devotion increases.  Then all goes well and you get encouraged.