So S, nice?  Intoxicating hey?  BOOM!  Dhan dhan parbram parmesar.  (S says) “I feel the energy in my head.  Then my head wants to go back, but feels strange to me to do so.”   (Baba Ji says) He is doing it.  Akal Purakh.   He is the Doctor, the SAtguru, He is balancing you.  He will line you up with the universes ..body – univers.e  Dont fight it.  When He lines it up.   He is the Mother.  We are His childerne.  We play how he want us to play.  We gave everything to Him.  Then He will enter His own Creation.  He will present Himself in you. You understand.  S is not going to remain S.  Everyones going to say wow, something hppened to S – she’s glowing – shes glowing!   It’s beautiful, its nice.  IT so peaceful.  There’s no other peace like this.  You’vee never known this before  And thats what it is.