H: What about relationship amongst teenagers, and pre-marital sex?


If it is written to happen before marriage it will happen.  It doesn’t matter how many strings you tie or how many shackles religion put on it, it will happen.  That’s why in Punjab love affairs are hidden.  Do you think its not happening amongst Sikhs? It most definitely is.


The leader of the Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Bibi Jagir Kaur is a butcher.  She got her own pregnant daughter Harpreet killed because she had a love affair.  She wasn’t a leader, not an ounce of  compassion, not a Mother Teresa.  She is the killer of two and no wearing of Sikh symbols are going to save her.  And when she is born again she will have to first balance with the daughter Harpreet.  And next to balance with the spirit that was in her daughters womb.


She is not going anywhere, no one can free her.  She has to pay her dues.  It will come to her before she dies – you watch.


He runs cosmic-conscious, earth-conscious and ego-conscious.  He knows how to punish you.  He can make you lunatic like at time when Guru Amar Das said to the slanderous woman ‘o stupid woman!’  and it happened to her.  It will happen to every single one of them who sows evil.  The greatest imprisonment is your own mind.  If a relationship is going to happen its going to happen.  If a girl is going to get raped then its going to happen. 


Young women were raped in the local religious place – they told of it on a TV talkshow.  What is written will happen exactly in that time and place.  If it has to happen in the centre of the religious place then it will happen there, you cant avoid it,  according to time place in space you cannot stop it.


Relationships override religion.  Because karam (deeds) and baag (destiny) and Maya (mammon)  overirde all religions.  You can make rules to tell people do this or don’t do that, but no matter how strict you are, if it is written to happen due to karma then it WILL happen.   Somewhere in the world relatives are abusing their their own family’s children, wether in the UK, Afganistan,USA – it is going on everywhere regardless that it is aaginst the law of the land in each of those societies.


A 9 yr old girl was raped in England by her uncle in the UK.  Then raped again by a priest in Toronto Gurdwara and then again by a boy at her college.  She came to me and I told her don’t hide it, let it out otherwise it will eat you alive.  Its going to drive you to the ground.  Don’t worry what people will say, it happens to the best of us.  It is an animal instinct but its not hidden – look at Clinton in politics, the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and so many others.


H: How does a person deal with being raped or abused?


B: God wants it to come into the open, it is billion times worse hidden (look at what happened to Clinton when he denied it – the Truth cam eout in the end).  Whatever is in His will He wants to come into the open.  Even what you are doing under desire, is actually still His will and just your illusion that you think you are doing it.  It is under inner command, but desire stops you seeing God inside you carrying out his Hukam.


But as a Guru you know God in yourself and just say  ‘It is You , only You and only You’re doing it."  Become such a soul that nothing hurts you, even seeing you daughter getting raped.  As a Guru all you will say is ‘Raabaa thoohee-a ‘  (God Its All You).  Because His Will prevails everything.   So if you know the Truth don’t be scared about it.  It is only God.  You didn’t ask for it, yet it happened, so the only way to heal is to let it out into the open, accept it and move on.


Humans think they are special and that animal laws do not apply to him – what hypocrisy – what a fool! For example, in the animal kingdom most animals mate with many partners but they accept it and do not kill each other over it.  Only the human kills someone who mates with their partner.


Everything in animal world is under pure divine law, but this animal called man is worst of all.
He denies animal law and kills it.  He is worst of all.  He denies it and kills it, he is the greatest sinner.  Because this life is only life when you can get rid of animal instinct that is locked up in you.  Inside your brain is your reptilian brain.  It runs on the principle of steal and run, fight or flight.  (The point being we all have animal instinct inside us, if you try and deny it is there then you have not conquored it – it will come up and expose you as a fake however to defeat it is to accept each deed done under the influence of anilmal brain did happen and to confess it and to ask for forgiveness).


That is the law that makes teenagers get rebellious and leave home.  The same law makes someone steal food, run and eat it.  The same law wants to do adultery behind the partner’s back.  But sex and the sexual organs in love, in harmony, for the one who knows the Truth becomes the highest sanctified temple where evolution took birth.


This temple is in mansarovar (where thought prevails and actions follow).  Why would it be bad?  Your own illusionary thinking of good and bad (morals) say it is bad.  But when you are on Guru-marag (path to God) you are to take both ends (extremes of good and bad) and join them together and make them equal in your mind. (Eg see gold and dust as the same.)


Only then you will say “nothing is bad. All that is in me and all around me is all God.  There not two ends, it is all one God (dhonia siraa keh apaay swamee).  It is all God and nothing is bad.”  Then you are out of the Earth-conscious thinking, which is the fighting element because they haven’t joined both ends.


A person caught in dubida (doubts) is a candle lit from from both ends.  Dubida eats him alive.
If he knows the Truth, both sides collapse and become a circle and you pass through it and that is SATNAAM.  Nothing (just God) is there.  Love before or fooling around afer marriage is will of God enacted by Karma.  Nothing is bad, only your thinking is bad.  Your thinking is divided because you do not know absolute Truth.