B: I like HD’s letters he writes :"thankQ, thankQ, thankQ, thankQ thankQ.  Dhan Dhan Dhan Baba ji.  Dhan  Dhan Dhan Pritam Anand.  Dhan Dhan Dhan Mata ji.  Dhan Dhan Dhan Parbrahm. Countless dandauth (prostrations).”


HD ji is the Baba.  He has so much love and gratitude.


Pritam Anand: I, under Guru’s blessing, took gifts to India.  My biological sister moaned ‘we can get all these things from India now.’  I replied, ‘Did I bring these things to pay off some debt I owed?  Instead of saying thankque – you complain.’  So I took back the gift and said, ‘You may as well get it from India yourself then.’    Then they repented ‘No, No’ and took it back. 


I said ‘I have met you after 4 yours – these things were just to show you that even though I am so busy in life over there, I kept you in mind.’


Love is priceless.  HD ji asked me on the phone before coming here if Baba ji needed anything, if there were any gifts he could buy him.  I said ‘look all these products are overfilling the shops, but you cant buy love.’


Baba ji just needs you to become a Guru, there is no bigger gift you can give to Baba ji.  Baba ji’s aim is to ferry across the world under God’s grace.  Always thank God and Guru for everything, for naam which is everything.