H: In Hinduism there is a word Amrit which refers to the elixir of life.  A King once conquored the world, but couldn’t conquor death.  So he spent the rest of his life searching unsuccessfully for this elixr of life – the Amrit.   Guru Amar Das also wrote that the angels, silent sages and mortal men are all searching for this Amrit, but without a Guru none has found it.   In Sikhism nowadays the word Amrit refers to the holy water used in the initiation ceremony.   And when Sikhs get initiated they feel they have found the Amrit.  But, in the scriptures, Guru Angad wrote


Nanak : The Amrit is inside the mind and realised by Guru’s grace.
Nanak : Amrit is the One God, there is no other Amrit.


What is the real Amrit that Guru Angad is writing about?


B:  The one drop Amrit in the trikuti – third eye.  When the third eye opens you will realise the one drop Amrit.  Amrit means Immortal, Beyond Death and the only One who is Immortal is God.  So God inside you is the Amrit.  Another form of that Amrit is understanding the inner command.


God inside you is often called the Witness or  the Spectator.  When the Spectator starts giving you the inner command you first don’t understand.   Little by little you get in tune with it.  Then you  eventually obey it 100%, you HAVE to obey it to progress spiritually.


You have to understand the mind, get in tune with God’s command coming inside you.  But your mind confuses you, makes you think a lie is truth, and a truth is a lie.  In this confusion of desire you can never solve :-


  • who are you?


  • what is the purpose of life?


  • who is crying in my heart?


  • who is making me go to search for kindness and love?


That is the God part in you, but its gone to the back of your mind.  God is dormant at the back of the mind.  Ego, the sense of self, is at the front.  The mind has become twisted.  When God comes forward, then that is the child in the man who comes forward.  God is your inner child.   The child is also the lover of God.  The child listens to HIS own laws and keeps on going until lover of God and God become one.


As soon as you are in duality you are being judged by DHARAM RAJ.  Duality’s signature is confusion ; is questioning everything ; is fighting our own ego all the time, thoughts like “if , but, not”.


First, you have to get rid of your destructive side, the side that thinks bad of others, the side that thinks “I AM RIGHT, everyone else is WRONG”.  You have to kill that from your thinking and wishing.