B:  Your outside Guru (eg Baba Ji) doesn’t give you commands.  You get the divine command, from the inner Guru inside you.  You must obey that inner divine command , otherwise you have made a mockery of it.  The inner command is what we need to do, not the outside commands imposed by the religion, family, culture or any other man-made set of codes. 


H: Even though the religious preachers say that the rules and rituals we must obey are God’s command, they are is not.  It is a way for organised religions to control the masses through fear and guilt.  Infact, they tell the masses to overrule their intuition and feelings, because that is the negative force trying to bring us down.  I know for many years I was following many religious practises which made me feel very unhappy and sad.  Those practises weren’t working for me.  But I overruled those feelings, because I was taught that God is only pleased by the religious practises we follow.  And secondly, I didn’t believe that my feelings could be right when the rest of the religious people had been doing it for centuries and had according to the history books and preachers become enlightened.   So obviously the problem was me, I must be doing something wrong.  I kept doing those practises out of fear that God wouldn’t accept me and that my relgious elders would punish me.  When finally I did stop doing those practises, I still had no peace because I was full of guilt that I was rebelling against God and my religion.   And quite often I would go back to following those practises again to get away from guilt.  I was trapped in that cycle for a long time.   Even though my inner feeling was saying “God is happiness, if what are you doing isn’t making you happy, don’t do it.”   Eventually I did stop doing those religious practises because they became unbearable to continue.  But still in the back of my mind lurks some guilt that how can I be right and so many people in the religion be wrong?  It’s only until right now Baba Ji that my guilt and fear have totally gone.  You have explained to me that it was my inner Guru, guiding me directly through my intuition, and that I made the right decision.


B: What is the inner command?  Inside each of us is the One Light Of God.  When guidance comes from that Light, that is God in the form of your inner Guru telling you the way to come home. I call this your seventh sense.  Your sixth sense is psychic powers, but higher than that is God, your seventh sense.  You are born from the Light of God – the Truth, you must live in Truth, do Truth and serve the Truth.    When you complete your jouney, then only the inner Guru runs your body.  That is when you become the outside Guru for others.


H: Most people are not in touch with their feelings.  They do not understand where their emotions are coming from and what is a true feeling or what is coming from desire or from the destructive part of their mind.   Pyschopaths and murderers have often said that a voice told them to do it, or God told them to do it.  But, they are not aware of the dormant Light of God within, they do not hear the whisper of their inner Guru under the noise of all their other thoughts.


B: That is why the outside Guru is essential to understanding which of your thoughts and feelings is the inner command.  Here’s how to be able to discrimintate :-


1)       The outside Guru blesses you with Naam, the Satnaam mantra.  The blessing attaches the dormant Light of Truth within the heart to the physical word Satnaam.  Then when you meditate on the word Satnaam it connects you directly to the Light within.   Without the blessings from the outer Guru it is very rare, but not impossible, for anyone to connect to their inner Light, the inner Guru. 
2)       You must acknowledge and thank your outside Guru and everyone who has helped you to get this far spiritually. 
3)       Then you start doing good and selfless deeds for others. 
4)       Then see only God in your outside Guru and stop seeing him as your peer, and get rid of any doubts or crtiticisms. 
5)       Then in Satnaam meditation, the Light of Truth within you will come to you as your inner Guru.  But Light of Truth is formless so will take the form of your outer Guru.  Eg Sikhs may see Guru Nanak, Christians Jesus, others see Baba Ji in one of his spiritual forms. 
6)       Then you develop your spiritual love by making a heart-to-heart connection with the inner Guru.
7)       Then you go to the point of understanding the inside inner command and obeying it immediately. 
8)       Then the Guru unites you to God and you have completed your journey of lifetimes.