B:  In smadhi there is a concentration at the psychic centres (chakras) and bright colours inside them.  Energy rises up from from the feet in deep sleep and the soul leaves the body very quickly.  It almost leaves you lifeless.  Same thing when you are in deep sleep.  In smadhi and in deep sleep a little part of the soul is still attached to body at the navel providing lifeforce and the body is being healed.


When it comes back it brings back new thoughts from ManSarovar (Universal Mind of God / God’s Body of Light that we are all drops in).  You wake up with a jolt.  it comes back into brain and reminds you this is your name, your house, your family.  If someone woke you up in deep sleep you have no idea where you are.




H: Mum has psychic visions in dreams about her family and what’s going to happen to them.


B: You have to get out of that gift because it keeps you attached to pleasures of life.  Have to say to God "I don’t want these powers, only want to serve you without desire and get me out of selfish attachment of family"


When you get out of selfish attachment then you see each person in the family as you see your Satguru.  And you will love them even greater, with more love and compassion. 
Make your house into your religious place.  Make your kids into your Satguru and you will become the lowest of the low.