With this you sow,
with this you forgive,
with this you tolerate,
with this , if used properly, can create heaven,
with this you create hell.
God has given you a choice.
look at your body,
the only organ you can control is the tongue.
All sowing is done from the tongue.
All fights in every house are because of the tongue.
They are not physical fights in most cases, just verbal ones.


Mind and body are fighting all the time and the tongue caught in between keeps the heart burning – that is a "Manmukh" (self-centred person).


A "Gurmukh" (God-centred person) attaches the tongue to the heart (where he has fixed his attention on the loving, compassionate God of Truth).


The Manmukh points fingers at others, because their tongue is attached to manmat (selfish thinking).  A Gurmukh is born when he only points finger inwards – “hum nahee changa bura nahee koee” (I am not good, no one is bad ..Guru Nanak Ji) – wash yourself. 


That’s your first job (on the way to becoming Gurmukh) : become spiritual and don’t watch (criticise) others.  Only watch yourself.  And in this Universe only watch how you are within yourself.  Don’t see yourself (as the person reflected) in the mirror – that is only the outer layer.  See your self in the internal mirror, the mind’s mirror, that tells you what you really are.
The outside mirror you do a good job of hiding it, but the inside mirror gets behind the ego.  Then you can wash your filth in smadhi (deep meditation).


That’s why you need closed eyes to look inside, behind the ego.  With open eyes you can only look at filth – the ego. (Eg you look in a mirror and make yourself look nice, but you haven’t made yourself nice on the inside.  Still full of ego, miserable attitude, 5 thieves, desires, jealousy, slander and gossip etc).