Pritam Anand: Ego and attachment to family will not allow you to go to your true home.  Yes, we have to live with family, but live as friends.  Live as holy congregation (congregation), have good wishes for each other (not commanding each other, or expecting certain behaviour from others).  Fake person will be good to other people i.e. put on a show, but at home you are actually enemies with your family members.


Charity begins at home – start doing good deeds in your own house to your own family members.  We are here to sow good seeds, so that others can learn to do goodness too.
If we cant keep people around us happy then what can we do?


When SM ji was blessed with God’s light – enlightenment – before anyone else in our family.  I pressed my nose on her feet in humility for 1.5 hrs.  I respected her just as I respect and worship Akal Purakh.  If I had got jealous who knows God could have made me depressed. 


B: If one person in the family has manifest light inside them treat them like your Guru.  Don’t hurt that family member, don’t upset them.  Rather than crticise anyone, especially spiritual people, it is better to stay quiet – until we are complete we cant judge them.