H: I never  understood the concept of "bhramanday-pinday" – Universe and your body.


B:  In Brahmanday (Creation)  the 7 are males.  In pinday (body) the seven are female.
All on Earth is female.  When you join the seven oceans (sagars of the Universe)  to the 7 sarovars (lakes of the body),  you join the seven colours of the rainbow, different vibrations, the colours of auras, they are colours of the rainbow.  They are the layers beyond our senses, beyond our 5 sense body:


5 senses are in the body;


6th sense is Tat Gian / Bibek Budhi (God talking to you through your intuition) psychic.


7th sense is beyond that – Mansarovar (Universal Mind of God / God’s Body of Light) – Parbrahm (Supreme Lord).


7 and 7 join and become 14 lok parlok – 14 bangs of opening smadhi.  (eg the 7 layers in you, each connect to the 7 layers beyond you.  Then your body and the Universe are connected – brahmanday and pinday are connected).


LOK is here (this world) and PARLOK (spiritual world) is beyond.  Parlok is your dream.  In a dream you see a thousand things.  Through the dream you can see the Universe.  Because the universe you are trying to see out there is within the dream .  All is mind.  This whole creation is all Mansarovar – Universal mind of God.  That’s why nothing can go out of place anywhere.


All those alpha and beta waves that run your brain also run the universe.  Think of Mansarovar as ocean of pure light.  Pure light is lucid, and lucid dreaming is part of that. 
Tell your cousin who can do lucid dreaming to get naam ‘ek ang sat sat sat’ it will be good for him.