B:  I’m going to give wisdom upside down.  There are too many books of wise sayings.  Something like ‘God Is A Tramp , lover of God is a vagabond’  – funny yet higher wisdom in it.   God gives it, so He can hear it.


H: I saw on TV a Priest who runs a pub.  He wears his white collar and black top while serving the customers drinks and talking to them too.


B: No one is listening to priests in churches so they are opening pubs.  Maybe I should open a whorehouse!!! ( Like the Guru who saved the prostitute Ganika by giving her a parrot and told her to teach it to recite God’s Name. In the process of which she was reciting God’s name and was saved.)
(You have to deliver Truth to the people in a way they will listen, that grabs there attention , and is delivered where they are you have to go to them , like Guru Nanak went to the people.)


At Fareed Ji’s time he was tempted to the cane-sweet "gor" (as a kid Farid Ji’s mum used to give him gor if he prayed.  He writes in his verses that he used to think gor was sweet, but now realises God’s name is the sweetest.)  Now we have to give people other things.


H:  A priest in NY raises seven million dollars evey year.  He runs a TV style game show in his church.  He picks up coaches of kids and teaches them.  They come for the entertainment and the prizes, but leave with his teachings.


B: The old system has gone stale, it takes you to the past.  The system now is what you see on TV – that’s what appeals to people.


H: People come to the NY priest for material things, but go away with good morals – and they are grateful.  The priest is a Guru as he doesn’t care if he dies.  He carries on doing this selfless service.  After 9/11 he was mugged and shot in the cheek.  His assistant was murdered , church was robbed.  He still carries on.


B: That’s the only way you can live in this influx world.  Two ways of living – you live how you want, or you live for fulfilling others wants.  In Maya , you are not living, everything is living on you.  Rare is the one who is free, he lives on others and others live below him.


H: What does that mean “lives on others”?
B: They worship Him (Nanak satguru poojiaa, tin har pooj karaava .. By worshipping the Satguru, God causes you to be worshipped too).  Staying  in Infinity is acountability, everything lives on you and you cant win.  Break all that (become enlightened) and you live on others.  Eg singers of the world live on others, they live their heart and people buy their records , same with entertainers and sportsmen.  Those who don’t live their heart all you see is others living on them.


Your father, in-laws, caste, religion is all living on you.  And you’re not happy with any of those.  So give a moment to yourself, and conquor the mind.  I was never a follower of anybody in my life.  They are the people that become saints.  Its ingrained in their psyche not to follow anyone.   Singers and muscians don’t follow anybody if they really know their talent because there are no two alike.


Just follow Truth.  Shouldn’t follow anybody and others will follow you.  The rare ones know that.  The company of rare ones like that is only by pre-ordained destiny written by God.  Only if its in your destiny.


See how lucky you are?  Your Guru is the driver, he drives the car you are sitting in physically and also spiritually forever.


H: Baba ji we are sitting in your boat now. 


B:  Be humble, make every moment a precious moment of Truth,  do as much good to others as you can.  Your spirit will enter silence.  The mind will cease to exist.  Your heart will bloom like a lotus and you yourself will become the boat.  And the world  will know you as “parupkaree Guru satguru” (generous teacher and deliverer of Truth).  And God is at home in you he plays, He comes and sits on your face, to see His own work and to modify it.