Between HIM and HIS servants they run the universe, they are the axles that run the car (Creation).  The top axle (GOD above Creation) gives you life according to what you have sown (karma).  The one below  (lover of God in the Creation)) overlaps God, he’s the only thing that overlaps God.  That power He has given to HIS lover of Gods to change religion.  To break his written things “meri bandaee ma na chadoo”.   That’s why lover of God in the scripture is greater than God.  Because lover of Gods give their ALL, sacrifice EVERYTHING.  They take compassion and forgiveness to extremes.  They break God’s law to put a thief into God’s court (save even the worst of sinners even though its not written for them by God).


It was extreme love when I said that God is "Kanjar" – (Prostitute). Saying "Bastard" is extreme love.  Because God is Gold and God is the dust.. God is the Saint and God is also the Sinner.  There is nothing but God when you are love.