B:  If you only knew how “Brahmanday-pinday” (universe-body) works.  The Universe came into being through a Sound – word – light vibration.


First, God as light energy (GUR JYOT) emitted sound vibration (THE WORD OF GOD – SHABAD).  Sound and light can blend and be one yet be separate too.  And gravity (eg the pull of the sun and moon) also blends with it but can be separate too.


But we have to go from physical Earth through Creation back to the Light at the Source (GUR).  Meaning our soul is going from physical matter,  by believing the verse(Word of God) and using that to conquor the mind, leading back to God’s Light Energy (GurJyot). Then you are home to the realm of Truth (Realm Of Truth).


Man is made of matter from the Earth, man has to go from matter by believing in the verse(SATNAAM), conquoring the mind and going home to God.


How does God play?  One atom at a time.  It operates at the finest detail.  Eg One atom connects/spilts from others. Guru and congregation is also the same thing (people come together as congregation and separate again having gotten what they wanted.)  People want what the Guru has.  They share food and they share feelings.  The goodness of one (the Guru) helps the weaker one who is trapped in Maya  and sins to become strong.


The mythical philospher’s stone makes iron turn to gold, it actually means the enligtened one (Guru) makes others enlightened. 


Physics (eg for every action is an opposite reaction) is written in the scripture (eg “what you sow is what you reap”).  But even then Physics (operation of the physical realm) and Spirituality (operation of the spiritual realm – higher dimensions, spirit worlds etc) is 99% same i.e Maya  – meaning both are a play and away from God.  Only one word is freedom (from these plays) : “SAT” (TRUTH) which is the Gurprasadi Naam (blessed Name of God given by the Guru).


SAT (Truth) is the key to open all locks.