Satnaam Ji
SatGuru Ji,
SatSangat Ji
Dandauth bandhana ji.
Here is a conversation with Baba Ji just now.  We are so blessed.  Had a dream last week of looking up at the open sky and feelling that so many have looked up and asked "Where are you God?" and spent their whole lives never being able to get pat that.  Then I started thanking Satguru Ji for scooping up God out of the nothingness and giving us the divine words.  Then I was saying Dhan Dhan Guru Gobin Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji and feeling shivers up and down my whole body.   This is what SatGuru ji is, Satguru ji is like a cloud that appears out of the big blue empty sky and swells up with rains drops out of the moisture and showers them down upon us.  That rain is Amrit pouring within us.
Here’s the conversation with Baba Ji – His divine words that He has scooped up out of the big empty universe and present to us in such simple words:
When kids or even adult hve bad dreams just say to the dream "I am not under your control."  Even having bad dreams and being terrified by them is just us going through the hell part of the mind.  We all have to travel through hell, heaven to get to the Absolute Truth.
When God made the body he made healing itself part and parcel of it.   He is the healing.   We can heal every cell , every organ in deep meditation.
People over worry because they want their own dreams to be reality, but that fantasy doesn’t  happen in reality.  Leads to over worry.  Little girls want to grow up to be like Cinderalla, from rags to riches and marry a prince and become a princess.  But that is fantasy and is running away from reality.  Sick people have a fantasy to be healthy and pain free, but they are not and they worry and overworry causing more stress.  Have to face reality and then come to a balanced mind.  Have to say "I m nothing so why have self-pity?"
Even sickness is part of evolution, bugs are becoming super bugs.    Sickness is a gift.  Bugs become super because we keep defeating them.  But now our extended lives have just brought us more sickness in old age.   Governement cant fford to treat and home all the sick old people in Japan, same is happeneing in other western countries too.  Living longer is no good if we dont do meditation.  All people do with their longer lives is to slander and complain whislt suffering constant pain.   Only those who know how to drink their own pin can bless others.  Otherwise they have no patience and burn other people’s ears with their constant complaints.  So say "Whatever happens is good." Then pain is not pain and you can go through it.  Creating the illusion of having a pain free existance then finiding that is not your reality means they have no balance.  That causes the real pain.  
Remember that the soul never ages, – it can go through all 4 Ages untouched, its the mind and body that complain.  You need Truth for the mind and body so they can come into balance with the ageless painfree soul.  The soul is always happy.  When you are balanced with the soul, then you appreciate everything round you.  You have to be Truthful.  When the mind and body become Truthful and balanced with the soul, then all is bliss.
People want no sickness, just instant cures.  Its like people want to be rich without working 40 hrs a weeks and earning it as thats painful.  Sickness is part of the spiritual journey.
Another fantasy is people want to open their crown chakra – dassam duar.  But I say forget about that.  Then they say what kind of Baba is that that says forget about opening the Dassam Duar – thats the whole aim of spiritul life, isnt it?  Well actually it isn’t done by you fantasizing about it or wanting it.   You cant take the logic mind through the Dassam Duar.  Only a humble soul can pass through it, it is such a narrow place, the logic mind is too thick with ego.     so just be dead whilst alive.  Alive in the moment and dead to your worldy logic  manmat.  Then God can come out, wordly logic has to die.  So dont aaim for Dassam Duar to open so you can find God.  Become humble and God comes to you.  when you are dead whilst alive then you have pierced all illusions, you have already mastered the mind.  You have made the Earth below your feet joyous.  You are not a burden to the Earth becasue you a doing for others.  You are not selfish, you are not living in illusion – you are not against God.  Live for others and you are saving yourself.
When you are lost God finds you and takes care of you.  Like when someone goes missing because they have amnesia, they forget everything about themselves, that is when God takes over and takes care of them.  Just have to let God take care of you and trust that you are not lost – no one is lost.
The Budda Boy (meditated under a tree for 6 months in smadhi without eating, drinking or moving – filmed as well in 2005).  He was young, he felt lost, then saw the pictures of the Budda, he became calm, collected and believed so much that he left his family and went to meditate under  tree like the Budda did – to die or until God became his Guru.   The quicker you believe the quicker you progress, the heathlier you are..  With even strong faith the tiniest mustard seed can move a mountain.  Snake’s posion cant kill you (Budda boy was bitten by a viper and survived – didnt panic, didn’t budge an inch).  Tiger cant find you (Tiger prints walked right by his tree at night whilst he meditated).   When our house was attacked by the 800 strong mob, I said to God, "you take care of everything, you do whatever you want."  Then  a sikh said "Baba Ji lets stand in this washroom".  So they did and the mob became blind with their own rage and didnt see that door.   His compassionate hand is greater than a man’s vengeance.  However, the ones in the sangat who were hurt, I said to them that their past dues were being balanced, but they were going further, the attackers were going backwards.  Confront your fears and fears will go away.  Budda Boy is here to teach the world that humility and patience is the way to peace within. 
Stay in balance and the aging process slows down.  Desire is the pumping process that makes you age.  Be childlike  – God is like  baby – he is every new born baby every moment.  But when he’s angry he destroys suns and moons.  When you ask God He give to you.  When complain He takes it away.  This is god’s energy – it goes through everything.  God sat on my hand and then went right through it.  You cant catch God, but you can tie Him with love.  This body is a lamp and the soul is the flame.  You are a lit candle of Truth.  If you are not doing Truth though, then you are black and in darkness.  You are made in te image of god so you must become Absolute Truth.
Deepak Chopra is launching a new book about Divine Laughter,  also the founder of Laughter Clubs is on TV and world famous.  However, their laughter is not divine.  Their laughter is under the five thieves.  Divine Laughter is above the 5 thieves, it is God’s Laughter – it is spontaneous.  Laughter under the 5 thieves is from the illusory self.  Divine Laughter is when the ego is died.  Then you are not judging others in your laughter, you are not worried what others are thinking of you as you laugh, you are not laughing t others either – that is all laughter out of ego and pride.   When the Absolute is laughing through you, He doesn’t care who is saying what about how He is laughing.  The closest most people get to that experince is as a baby when they first laughed and didn’t even know their mum and dad’s names, didn’t even know their won name, they laughed purely.  That is the laughter of the meek and humble – that is Divine Laughter.  The other laughter is of pride and ego.   Laughter of Divinity has compassion from the Heart of God in it.  That laughter has no hatred and loves one and all.   Even the laughter of the 330 Million Demi-gods and even the laughter of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu is not Divine Laughter.   
Divine Laughter comes through the lowest of the low.  That one laughs at pain, at mayhem and even at Death, becasue he knows the soul doesn’t die.   Ego laughter of these ones that write about it and make Laughter Clubs stops when they stop making money out of it.   Laughter of the priest class is the laughter of deceit, even the Pope’s laughter is not the Divine Laughter.
If people in ego are stopping you from going to sangat then say to them ,"If I am going on a spiritual path, is stopping me a good deed?"
Remember the stories of the ones who had faith and now its your turn to have faith.
God is not just Light, He is also your destiny "bhag".  So why are the ones in ego burning themselves by NOT accepting their destiny and other’s destiny?  Love is always persecuted by the blind of faith.  Live the path of Truth, see God in your spouse, in your family in one and all.  Sant is the one who dies for Truth and dies for Love.  That is why the 5th nd 9th Gurus gave their sacrifice – they sacrficed everything for the LOVE of God.  LOVE demands sacrifice.  Marriage is by destiny, thoe who dont accept someone’s marriage are not accepting God.  Marriage is so that past karma can be mended and both can go to a higher level – the Highest level is Satnaam.  Accept that whatever God does is good.
God’s first name is SATNAAM.
His second name is LOVE.  That demands sacrifice – breaking all worldy attachments and attaching only to SATNAAM.
His thrid name is Bhag – DESTINY.
His fourth name is BELIEF in the above.
His fifth name is EARNING it.
When you have earned it, then you have stitched the jewel of  Naam in the heart.  Then you have passed the test and bloom.  Then others who didn’t accept your destiny and your marriage cant stand the Light of God on your face – that you are happy.   But, when you do what God asks, then you have a blooming face.  That face of knowing Divinity , of living in Naam at every moment.
Love is like a flower in the sun, so say Satnaam and have a face like the sun.  Blooming faces are radiating God’s Light into the world.  Others want it, they pray for it, but they cant become humble enough to receive it.
Be humble, be low.  In your heart only one name is spinning – that is Satnaam.  When you die it comes out.  Then depression cant come near.  Stress runs away and the world becomes meaningful.  Otherewise its along unbearable life.  You haven’t learnt from Guru Nanak – you have to turn your back on your family and give your head to the Guru, and if God asks for your offspring’s head too then give it.  Then all is bliss.  All bliss is here, not in the hereafter.  If you stay depressed here in the name of relgion, looking for bliss after you die you wont find it and wwill be begging to be born again.  So enjoy God here.  Live in love, have such a humble attitude that ALL is higher than you.  Then ALL Creation sends blessing to you.  Whatever drops from bove falls onto the head that is low.  So my house is full.  No sickness is here – well physical sickness is no problem – its also part of the Creation and I’m happy to be keeping it alive.  Dont worry about sickness, give all worries to God.  Only worry about one thing and that is "May I not go away from  Truth." 
It doent matter how other treat us, so long as we are good to them.  Deeds of Truth is the Light of god.  Its His grace that lets us do deeds of Truth.  After that hell, heaven and afterlife doesn’t matter.  Only thing is to live in this moment.  That is the greatest art of living  but it needs balls of steel.  Not a bowl of steel (like relgious hermits carry).   Go and dance, find a room, or a park and just go and dance and let God laugh through you.
Blessings to you all.
Baba Ji