ik onkar sat naam sat gur prasad ||
 Dandauth bandhana ji.
Spoke to Baba Ji today, started off by asking for blessings for our niece 18months old, who lost her fingertip in a door today.  Everyone was upset.  This is what Baba Ji said after giving his blessings to her and saying not to worry and that everything will be ok.  (Also a request to the satsangat to pray for her healing, the surgeons are reattaching it tonight and will take 7 days before they know it has been successful or not – so please pray all week for her).
Baba Ji said:  "
We say ‘band band katay’ – remember those who were cut joint by joint (story of Bhai Mani Singh Ji who was tortured in that way).  They showed us that they had given their body to God and sacrificed it.   The fingertip has been given to God.  As it was written so it has happened.  Nothing is in your hands.  If we come to understand that then why do we still have issues?  Because the rest of the problems are generated from our mind.  So reprogram the mind.    Look at the lives of the 10 Gurus, Guru Arjun Dev ji wrote the Sukhmani (prayer of peace), yet himself was tortured in the most painful way for many days whilst sitting on the hot plate.  Look at Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s life , losing all those nearest to him (his sons, mother, father, beloved Sikhs), but not losing his love for God.  So even the Guru’s had to live out all the pains and sufferings that were written for them.  The Guru’s lives showed us how to get through pains and sufferings in our own life.  Whatever happens to us, just be thankful, if you lost a fingertip be thankful you didn’t lose a leg.  Make your mind not hard like a glass, but soft like wax.  So that no matter what happens around you, your mind can absorb all the pain and suffering like wax, rather than shattering like glass.
(Next I asked Baba Ji about a relative who ws cremated today, he had been an alcoholic all his life and had spent the last year of his life bed-ridden in his own filth).  A person in ego thinks Guru and God is just a game.  Like that cat who goes on pilgrimage, not out of devotion, but to catch 100 innocent mice.  Such souls take  a very long time to become refined (pure enough to attain God).
Good times are here in the 21st Century.  This is the era of Satguru, the Sat Ram Das (Servant of God the Truth).  Good souls are taking birth in every country and culture.  There are however lots of tragic events (natural disasters, wars, sickness etc) taking place, but human beings are having to reap what they have sown on this planet.  But that is a clearing, so that the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius can prevail.
Dont worry about the ones who slander us in the Gurdwaras, slandering was written for them before they were even born.  It was their destiny due to past lives when they became ungrateful to their Guru.  Only the ones with good destiny can do bhagti (devotion).  My job is to forgive.  If you do bhagti then your job is to forgive.  By forgving others, God has to forgive you as well.  Same law applies – what you sow you reap.
Give my love to all, never lose hope, never lose faith.  This one name is so simple – Sat Naam – keep your mind focused on it.   You need at least one dukh (suffering) in order to do bhagti.  However, when your bhagti is completed (i.e you attain God), then you say "That suffering was no suffering at all, that was Amrit (God – Beyond Death)."  The more the suffering, the higher the Amrit.  Everyone has their own suffering to go through.  Your relative maybe going through hell, you can give them the divine wisdom, but you cant do their bhagti (devotional worship) for them – only they can conquor their own mind.  And you have to make sure that no relative gets between you and your bhagti.  Always pray to God, "Never let anything or anyone come between You and Me God."  Pray for it.
-The dance of life never stops.  Human relationships are like atoms, we meet, unite and separate.  All give and take between us is what was written according to our karma.  The marriages to unite humans according to society , religion and rituals cannot keep people together.  People from all relgions and from no religion get married and still get divorced.  Its because of karma, karma overrules man-made marriages.  The true marriage is with God and is attained when you complete your bhagti (devotional worship).  Spontaneous love is all there truly is.  Other love is an illusion.  People think they are in love, but then they fight for the wealth or the children or their reputation.  True love has no desire in it, it just happens.  But in desire, hate and even murder are the results.  True love is the defintion of and delivery of sacrifice.   False love is when you desire selfishlessly things from the partner.
-If you dream of future disasters and doom and gloom, then worry about all that death and destruction, then I say to you "Dont worry about tomorrows."  Remember the soul never dies. So dont give those dreams the power to take your peace.  Remember death is not bad, death is honour.  Destruction is not bad, it is part of the life cycle.
-Girls in love against their parents wishes will get pulled back into the family for the sake of family honour.  Family sees girl as their honour, yet are proud of thir sons who make money from drugs, or sons that kill their dis-honourable sisters.
-(Asked about a friend who says her son is physically weak and afraid of going upstairs because he thinks he sees ghosts).  Tell the mum to be positive, to give the child vitamins, that their are lots of children like that – that are weak.  But even they are precious to God.  God needs the weak as well as the strong and everyone in between.  God needs to experince Himself through ALL, so He knows ALL about Himself, so He Knows how to take care of ALL – the weak and the strong.  Tell the mum, her child is OK.  Give him and yourself to God.  Child is true, dont pass on her worries and fears to him.  Dont think the weak or the disabled aren’t going to survive.  They do and they will.  The ones who take them in and help them are the real God-facing (Gurmukhs) souls.  Tell the mum to become Gurmukh – God-facing and to think beyond sickness.  They need God.   Look at Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous, they first ask you to believe in God.  What do you think relgion is for?  It is for Egos Anonymous!!!   God is Truth, and the Truth will set you free.  God gives a gambler  winning hands and losing hands so he experiences heaven and hell then one day will try to go beyond it to experience Truth.   To rise above hell and heaven mind-states is called Chardhi-kala.  Although Sikhs nowadays say they are in Chardhi-kala when they win something, Chardhi-kala is actually when you rise above winning and losing things of the world.  Becoming pure is Chardhi-kala state, not achieving wealth and status.
(I said thankyou to Baba Ji)  No, thankyou! God needs his (bhagat) devotee to pull the best out of Him so he can know Himself.  The heart-centre (hirda) has to experience everything – pain and pleasaure, hell and heaven and then it can see beyond it and say to God, "It’s all You" and when it says that with firm conviction, then the heart laughs – that is divine laughter.
God and the Bhagat (devotee) laugh together in the heart (hirda).  Its not intellectual laughter – intellectual laughter is when you laugh at others, or make clever observations.  Now this is the opposite, this is what you can call stupid laughter – there is no thinking bad about anyone, just being so simple that spontaneous laughter occurs.  I (lovingly and cheekily) said to God, "People say you are the wisest of the wise, but if you really were that intelligient you wouldn’t have allowed the bhagats(devotees) to give you so many names.  Because now their followers just sit and argue about the right name and have forgotten You!"  Then the wisest of the wise God comes into the heart of His devotee (bhagat) and forgets everything, becomes "stupid" – – simple, innocent again and thirsts for Himself.   He is the most intelligient and the most dumb and he is also everything else in between.
Give my love to all, never lose hope, never lose faith.  This one name is so simple – Sat Naam – keep your mind focused on it. 
Baba Ji