Dearest Sangat ji,

here is a brand new piece of divine wisdom from Baba Ji. It is about the
Sikh greeting "Sat Sri Akal" which most Sikhs nowaday pronounce as
"Saseekaal" and have no idea of the meaning of.

By Baba Ji

Sikhs say "Sat Sri Akal" when greeting each other, but most seem to have no
idea of its meaning. It means "Truth is God." After we say it to the
person we are greeting, do we see God in them? Do we speak truthfully to
them? Do we see Truth in them and see beyond their caste, colour and
creed? To everyone we greet in this way, do we then have interactions
with them that can be classed as truthful deeds? When we greet others with
"Sat Sri Akal" have we lost our animosity towards them? Have we placed God
above all else in our interaction with them? If we have not, then we have
made this divine greeting into a joke.

If we say something and don’t mean it, then aren’t we hypocrites? By
greeting each other with "Sat Sri Akal", we are saying "Truth is God", but
if we then follow it by lies, cheating, hurtful talk and keeping animosity
in us then we are hypocrites.

If we greet others with a happy smile and a cheerful "Sat Sri Akal", but
inside we are being lead by the five thieves – anger, greed, selfish
attachment, greed and pride, or we indulge in gossiping, slander and
jealousies, then aren’t we being two- faced?

What is even worse is when religious people use this greeting with each
other, but then go on and do the most irreligious deeds, like talking bad of
others and slandering holy people. Aren’t we more like Satan’s sons then
rather than the Guru’s servant?

When we greet with "Sat Sri Akal – Truth is God" we are supposed to be
delivering Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s highest teaching. Followed by words and
deeds of Truth, such as being compassionate to others wether they are
friends, family or foes. When we say "Sat Sri Akal – Truth is God" even to
our percieved enemy, we are inspired to see God in them too, to rise above
our feeling that they are our enemy. This greeting is to lift us up to the
highest consciousness.

Only the one who greets with "Sat Sri Akal – Truth is God" and follows it
with compassion to others and with deeds of truth, only that one is honoured
in God’s Court, only that one’s face blooms with the glorious Light of
God. Every Sikh using this greeting but then following it with untruthful
deeds and false words is just a hypocritcal donkey dressed in a lion’s skin.

Baba Ji,
22 Nov 2008.