Get out of Illusion and deal only heart to heart.  When we stand in Truth and are are ready to face losing everyone we love, then we can trust God that they will come back to us one day once their 5 thieves have calmed down.  But, for the sake of keeping the so called peace or maintaining the status quo, if we stand with the 5 thieves then we live a lie just to please others.  By maintaining the illusion of peace of “happy families” the 5 thieves continue to torment and nothing comes right for us. 

Remember that ego is the one that torments us the most.  When we were kids ego was low because we were depending on parents and teachers to guide us.  Again when we are very old, ego is low because we become dependent on others to look after us.   Its just the decades in between where we think we are in control and ego becomes strong.  We may try and control family and friends, we may even try and control the whole world, we may make life hell for our children who want to break out of our illusionary life, but if they stand by the Truth then they will win.  Otherwise they blow their chance in time and space.  When ego loses, the mind is crushed and the heart blooms again and then we can accept the child who risked losing everything by standing in Truth and breaking our illusions.  The time it takes for the ego to accept it has lost shows how thick our ego is.  And all that time is just time we wasted in animosity with our child.  Just realise that I couldn’t control what the child did in the past and I am not able to control them now either, only God is in control.  Accept that and the heart blooms.

Peace only comes only when God grants His grace upon us.  Then we enter into His loving devotion and are able to promise Him this ”Whatever You want to do with this dog,  I’m ready.”   When you stand for Truth like that then eventually the ones you are in fear of losing due to your Truthful actions will come around.

There is no peace in any religious place if they don’t see God in the congregation.  If they are running those places with the hope of making money out of the congregation or to get a position of power and authority over the congregation then they are not seeing God in the congregation.  Then there is no peace in that place.

To progress in our daily spiritual practise of naam simran in the early hours we have to get out of the idea that we are doing it.  To escape from ego, keep saying to God, “Ma moorakh – I am a fool, You are the Wisest of the Wise, please keep showing me the way, otherwise I am lost.”

Without Naam all is poison.  Look at the falsehood of the lying banks. They loaned money to the ones who couldn’t afford to repay it.  They then sold those deals worldwide leading to global economic collapse.  Humans have done it to themselves.   Done it under the influence of desire for more wealth and power.  Now Maya is biting human minds.  However, it is a lesson from God for humans to modify their ways.   Governments and financial institutions are all putting in the necessary corrections.  

Experience of natural disasters also causes humans to modify their ways.  It is the same divine law that applies to the economic disaster.   People who live on the Earth without desires are a blessing, such as the Tibetan Monks.  However, when they were persecuted and killed by the oppressor, then China had Earthquakes.   After Jesus was crucified a great storm arose.  The same happened after Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji gave his head.  After Mother Teresa died, Rome had 13 days of earthquakes.  Why?  Because they did not honour her as a saint.  The Vatican is more into politics.  They honour a saint from a particular country when they want to gain a foothold there.  The same divine law applies to oppressive governments, lying banks and corrupt religions.  Disaster follows bad deeds.   

The opposite is also true, that if we are truthful then nature helps us.  Dharam means righteousness, not religion.  Religion is nothing more than another grouping that causes more divisions.  But, Dharam is doing righteous deeds.  Good deeds lead us into compassion.  (Daya Dharam Ka Poot –  Compassion is the son of Dharam … Guru Nanak).    Where there is compassion there is peace on Earth.

Humans oppress others, make nuclear bombs and lie and cheat each other to fulfill their desires.  But, what they sow they reap through economic and natural disasters.  God is nature first and humans are the product of nature.  Humans must respect nature and this divine law within us and all around us that what we sow we reap.   Lying and cheating has to stop in all the religious places.  Being truthful is to become the lowest.  That is what a real human is.  Whilst there is a desire to be in control then this mind logic suppressess the heart where God resides within us.  When humans are lying in all their dealings with each other then how can there be peace on Earth?

Challenge yourself not to believe in illusions any longer.  Wether they are religious illusions, cultural illusions, family illusions, illusions of grandeur or whatever else.  Get out of them all.  Then the walls of all these conflicts within us, in our families, in our temples, in our society and at a global level will all come tumbling down.   Stand by Truth and have no fear of the fallout, give yourself to God and say, ”Whatever You want to do with this dog,  I’m ready.”  

If the banks had Truth at the forefront, rather than greed, then there would have been no economic disaster.  If oppressive governments listen to their people then they would not have been any killing of blessed Monks or innocent people.  What good are all the prayers done daily all over the world if humans still cant see God in each and every heart regardless of their skin colour or of any other physical, relgious or cultural difference?  Only the heart matters.

God’s grace is the product of God’s heart.  And God’s heart is God’s saint.  Supreme God lives in the heart of the saint.  God’s Light shines from the saint’s face and the saint’s deeds are of compassion.  Then that place is God’s Realm of Truth on Earth.