In our sangat, they say, “When I have darshan (inner vision) of a past saint, the saint also bows to me.”    Of course they do.  They are telling you that you are on the right path, so keep on going.  We said that you should also bow to them.  They are telling you to be humble, for God is forever humble and humble and humble.
You see angels, they bow to you, they are telling you “Hey, if I am bowing to you, what are you supposed to do? Bow to me.”   Everyone says, “Baba ji makes you bow”.  No, Baba ji doesn’t, Naam does.  Naam makes you bow.  Why don’t they say that before sitting on his seat, Baba ji bows to the sangat, bowing to “Sarab Viapakh” (All Pervading God in every heart)?


I don’t give personal commands to anyone for my personal benefit.  Neither do I take any of the daily readings from the scriptures.  Only “Naam is the command of God." (eko Naam Hukam Ha ..Gurbani).   Guru Nanak says "everything is under God’s command, nothing is outside of it."


Your outside Guru (Baba Ji) doesn’t give you commands.  You get the divine command, from the inner Guru inside you.  You must obey that inner divine command , otherwise you have made a mockery of it.  The inner command is what we need to do, not the outside commands imposed by the religion, family, culture or any other man-made set of codes. 


And that God’s Light is in your heart chakra (hirda).   And what is the Divine Light’s name (Prabh Jyot Prabh Naam)?  “Sat Naam”.  This is the command of God.  Live your heart and love – that is the command of God.  Are we living that?    The religious people are not living that.  Its a ritualism and symbolism and illusion.


That is why the outside Guru is essential to understanding which of your thoughts and feelings is the inner command.  Here’s how to be able to discrimintate :-


The outside Guru blesses you with Naam, the Satnaam mantra.  The blessing attaches the dormant Light of Truth within the heart to the physical word Satnaam.  Then when you meditate on the word Satnaam it connects you directly to the Light within.   Without the blessings from the outer Guru it is very rare, but not impossible, for anyone to connect to their inner Light, the inner Guru. 

  1. You must acknowledge and thank your outside Guru and everyone who has helped you to get this far spiritually. 
  2. Then you start doing good and selfless deeds for others. 
  3. Then see only God in your outside Guru and stop seeing him as your peer, and get rid of any doubts or crtiticisms. 
  4. Then in Satnaam meditation, the Light of Truth within you will come to you as your inner Guru.  But Light of Truth is formless so will take the form of your outer Guru.  Eg Sikhs may see Guru Nanak, Christians see Jesus, others see Baba Ji in one of his spiritual forms. 
  5. Then you develop your spiritual love by making a heart-to-heart connection with the inner Guru.
  6. Then you go to the point of understanding the inside inner command and obeying it immediately. 
  7. Then the Guru unites you to God and you have completed your journey of lifetimes.