The lover of God (Bhagat) doesn’t pray anymore.  He teaches others to pray.  He doesn’t need scriptures anymore, the scriptures need the Lover of God (Bhagat).  The sangat need the Lover of God (Bhagat) to understand the scriptures.  God needs the Lover of God (Bhagat), otherwise He wont know what He is unless the new souls are attached to Him.

So what is the Lover of God (Bhagat)?  The Lover of God (Bhagat) is the Father of God.  But normal people don’t understand this and call me a heretic – a blasphemer.  They don’t realise that the scriptures actually says the same thing!



"Bhagat hee maat pitaa puthr"
Lover of God (Bhagat) is mother, father and son.



Baba S Ji (blessed enlightened soul) asked God, “Is this true?  Is the Lover of God (Bhagat) your Father?”

And God replied,  “Yes, the Lover of God (Bhagat) is my Father, Mother and Son.”   

(It means God is saying that His lover the Lover of God (Bhagat) is everything for him, like a Mother loves her child and will take orders frm the child).

The scriptures gave me the right to say, “I am the mother, father and son of God.”  So when people slander me for saying that, they are actually slandering the scriptures and all the saints who did Satnaam before as they wrote the scriptures.  And once they slander a saint they cant reach God until they gain that saints forgiveness.  The one you slander becomes your God because you cant get to God any other way.  That’s why you should never slander.  You only slander because you don’t understand the loop of infinity (reincarnation rules). 


I am a laughing Budhha so I made fun of everything, no-one cried in my sangat.  But none of the saints  pictures are ever smiling , nor do the sants smile.  That’s why people get depressed.  So go and find a sant who is happy and laughing, then you will become happiness and joy.  Life is a joke!  The Lover of God (Bhagat) and God joke with each other.


I don’t have to close my eyes (closing eyes is to stop seeing Maya , but Baba Ji sees God EVERYWHERE now).  I am Nirgun-Sargun (Baba ji is in permanent samadhi – his soul has become one with God).  Under God’s command you can open your eyes (Baba ji did seven years of loving devotional worship at gurdwara with eyes closed in samadhi – intoxicated on Divine Love, but that stage is over) and don’t need samadhi anymore.   My walking around is my samadhi.  I am always in Truth. 


The purpose of samadhi is to become Truth.  When you become Truth, you become utmost humbleness then there is no need for any kind of worship to God.  I am one with Truth and all I see everywhere and in everyone is myself (i.e sees God everywhere, but his souls has become merged with the Supreme Soul, so is same as saying I see Myself everywhere – he’s not being egotistical.)


God says, “see ME in everyone.” 


I don’t exist.  Wherever I look I just see “YOU – ONLY YOU” God.  So I don’t pray.  Praying is for the ME praying to YOU GOD.  Look in any Gurdwara and even in God’s court, you will say “God is praying to Baba Ji.”  Scripture says that God Himself worships His lover.


Mansarovar (God’s Body of Light – the Mind Ocean) is run by the saint swans.  God’s thought that runs the Universe is changed by the Knowers Of God alone, nobody else.  I had the right to say,  “He who runs you, I run Him.”  


They called me a Bastard.  So I say its nice to be a living BASTARD, for the saint is the same as God and God has no Father either.