God’s servant becomes the lowest of the lowest.  He is writing the true love story.  Otherwise all the love stories written so far anywhere, if they’ve not captured 5 thieves, are false.   Are all false. 


Love in ego is untruth, judgemental.  It is neither devotional worship (bhagti) , nor is it love.    Selfless living and then defining love is the truest love.   This love is bhagti initself.    Become that – and that is Satnaam.   Become Satnaam.  Lowest of the low.   No pride of anything of yours.  Pure selfless living. 


Be in family, yet still attached to God.  Attached not to the family, yet serve the family.  Thinking of it as God.   That is the highest bhagti.  The Truest saint.   The Truest prophet.  The truest form of embodiment of God.  God was never born on the Earth.  Never was – never will be.  Only His servants come.  And if the servant has ego, he calls himself God.   That is untruth still. 


I have defeated all those who say "I am God" from all the religions, all the mythologies.  The Truest embodiment of Truth on Earth will never say "I am God".  He will say "I am God’s servant."  Satnaam.   Satnaam.    Satnaam.   Truth.  Only Truth.   And the True Light of God is the Supreme Reality of Absolute Truth.  


And on Earth it cannot say "I am God."  It says "I am serving God.  What I am seeing is God.  What I am doing is God-like, but I am not God.  I am His embodiment of Truth – God’s servant – this is the highest sainthood.  Highest spiritual – par excellence – of all 4 Ages.    


I am nothing.   God is nothing.   He is purity.  I am the servant of nothing.   Highest state of spiritual embodiment of Truth.  Satnaam.  Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Satnaam.  Sada Satnaam.  

Show thanks to God, Great Great Supreme Lord.  Great Great ten Gurus. Great Great all the saints. Great Great time and this moment.  Great Great Earth and Eternity.  Great Great our surroundings.  Great Great every heart and I am the servant of everything and nothing.   


And I am the nothing of nothing, beyond caste, colour and creed.  Beyond definition.  I have no enemies.  I have only service to Truth.  Believe in Truth.  See Truth.  Think Truth.  And call myself nothing. 


The highest definition is "I am only the servant."  God is Infinite.   Then nothing will defeat your heart.  You will conquor the mind. 


Satnaam.  Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Satnaam.  Satnaam.   Satnaam.   Sada Sada Satnaam.    


Lets bring the instruments and sing praises together.


Baba Ji –

The living bastard,

serving the Absolute Bastard,

whom religion calls God

and science calls Infinity!