H:  In my dream I saw a green and luscious, peaceful place in nature, up in the mountains where I had strong sense that you Baba ji had done loving devotional worship (bhagti).


BABA JI: That was was one of my past lives in Kashmir.  I used to be known as Pir Qassim.  He was of  the Mia Mir line (Sufi saint who laid the foundation stone for the Golden Temple at the request of Guru Arjun Dev Ji).


A young lady came to me in sangat once.  Her husband was sick and she had separated.  Her family was falling apart.  I bathed her in naam, told her what to do and that everything would be OK.  When everything did become OK, she came back and I told her to look in the mirror.  She did and said "I am not the same person who came to you before – I have light of naam inside now, I couldn’t bear to look at myself before."


Her husband was in the mob that attacked Baba Ji’s house and the husband’s family fell apart because of that.  Her father believed in a living Pir (Muslim Guru).  The Pir then told him that another Guru called "Pir Qassim" will sort his problem out.


When he came to the congregation, I was telling the the story of four lives ago when I was called "Pir Qassim".  Then the father realised his son-in-law had attacked me and that was why I (Pir Qassim) was the only one who could forgive it.


When their problems were fixed, they gave no thanks to me.  They gave no daswand (tenth of earnings to charity or Guru or holy people).  They surrendered nothing for the greatest gift of Naam they had got and received inner peace from.


They went back to being stuck in Maya.  They forgot God again and punishment comes right away.   The gift of Naam is like living under the bright sun.  Forgetting God and the gift of Naam is suffering in the long dark night.