When you have no desires, God is going to spoil you.  He’s a good Father.   A good son asks nothing from the Father.  Then the Father bends over backwards, He wants his son to have something.   Got it?  So, I don’t ask for anything and He never gets tired of giving.  That’s best living.
I have no desire.  That means I have no Maya (no attraction to the world).  So all I get is God.  All I do is God’s work.  His Will prevails in everything I do.  Whatever He gives me to eat, I’m happy in it.  How He keeps me, I am happy in it.  He gives me a house, He destroys the house.  I’m happy in it.  His Will is done.


Keep on doing selfless service for others.  So what happens in service?  The body stays healthy,   your thoughts stay healthy in you by simran.  By serving others your heart is healthy,  its in love – with who? With God.  You have no desire, so all is service.  When all is service, you are giving your all to God, what are you going to get back?  All of God.  You understand?

I’ve been driving since 10am this morning and I’ve roughly done, close to 600 km in all this running around.   I did about 450km yesterday.  My average is about a couple of hundred a day.  Sometimes I drive 100 km just for joy and just go there to do my dues and drink a coffee and come back.  (The moment Baba Ji gets an inner command from God to go somewhere and do something he jumps into the car and goes.   Many times he has driven all day to get to one cemetary where he sees hundreds of ghosts stuck in time and space.  His one prayer releases them all.  They stop draining the town of spiritual energy.  That town becomes green and prosperous.  “wherever the satguru goes becomes beautiful”) 


I’ve done that for the last 32 years.  I have driven a lot of miles.   Some people fly a lot.  I had a friend, he took 17 trips to India in 12 years, I took 1 trip in 32 years!  And in that trip I said, I am not coming back.  I told my grandfather, “All this land that is here, give it to your son (Baba Ji’s uncle).”  But he never did, but I did (Uncle was a drunk, and Granddad was disappointed in him so bypassed him and gave it to Baba Ji).  When Grandfather passed away, I said to my Uncle, “Do what you want with this inheritance.  Eat it in one day, or earn it and eat it, do what ever you want.”  (Baba Ji had no greed for that land, gave it away as easliy as it had come.)


At Uncle’s death I still prayed for his soul and even God said to me, "He drunk his whole life away.  He did no loving devotional worship and you gave him everything.  After that he still did nothing for you,  but you still want to send him to the Light?"


Baba Ji said "Yes."


That is love.  God is love.  All is God.