What was His will in my loving devotional service to Him (bhagati)?  To wake up religious people to Truth.  If for that I have to die, it’s a life well lived.  If I can change a few, I have done His work.  The rest He’s going to do.    Because the moment I’m going to give the Naam, and you say the Naam, then He’s looking at you by taking my body’s shape.   Got it?
The Divine Light (Jyot) in your heart that has no shape.  But, the moment we play Guru and Disciple it takes shape.   I will be with you all the time as my third body.  ( The third body is God-Light in the shape of your Guru.)  One body is God’s Word (shabad).  One is this Matter (God’s Creation), the third is Divine Light (Jyot). 


When you receive Naam from the Guru, it is actually the third form of God as Supreme Light igniting you via the Shabad "Sat Naam", so now the third form of God as Supreme Light is always with you too.  And you expereince God in the Creation.
God is Light and God says "I have countless forms, but I have no form.  Understand? Every time I give the Naam, there’s part of me that connects to them.  That why they have visions of me.  Everywhere.  So that state of energy in the (mind and body) house, it changes shapes in meditation to teach you.  (People in Baba Ji’s congregation  saw the following) Baba ji transforming into the past saints and out of Baba ji came other saints just God showing them that it is all Him in all His lovers.  


When the Guru opens your chakras it’s a shortcut.  Your Guru takes some of spirituality and puts it into your spiritual account.   Rather than you struggling for decades building up your spirituality drop by drop.  Your Guru makes sure you can handle the power, helps you control it.


Some time after giving gurprasadi naam to a person, I would also put extra extra brightness of naam called a spiritual sun "sooraj  into each of the congregations hearts.  God gave me 1000 spiritual suns "soorajs" and I distributed them to the congregation.  I didn’t horde the brighteness of naam for myself.  


First, the “sooraj” will keep burning all negativity, that is why it feels warm.  Then next stage is when someone negative comes and stand next to you, it will start burning their negativity too and will feel warm .   You have to do what your Guru says i.e. selfless service, Satnaam meditation and earning what the Guru (the scripture) says.  


You must never forget NAAM, no matter what happens in personal life, never never forget NAAM.  You have been blessed with NAAM and “sooraj” (divine light inside) in advance, now you must earn this  (like you get 100K mortgage, but have to pay off installments).  The world may get upset with you – doesn’t matter as long as you ensure Akal Purakh (Immortal Being) doesn’t get upset with you.


Keep your heart dressed in the clothes of spiritual poverty (gareebee ves hirda)) and you will get closer and closer to the Satguru (the light of God inside you as your inner guru).  But if you keep doubting and questioning "is Baba ji true or not?" etc then you will go further away.
Everything is measured.  God balances everything.  This path of loving devotion (bhagati) is a ship, every doubt and cleverness makes a hole in the side. 


I am a Guru in this Naam who wants his pupils to go further than their Guru.  Great is the teacher who teaches Master of Arts but tells his students to go for PhD.  I want all my pupils to become greater than me.   For example when you were in nusrery school, your nursery teacher didn’t want you to stay in nursery forever!  The real teacher wants you to progress further than they did.


I have given you all the divine wisdom, now its upto you how far we you progress it.

Loving devotional worship (bhagti) is not a one day thing.  Keep going one day at a time.  I did give hundreds of “sooraj”s to people but most of them wasted them by not earning it with selfless service and Satnaam meditation of the naam.  Instead those people now say “Baba Ji  was once a Knower Of God but not now.”  And then slandered the one who gave them Naam and Sooraj.


But, actually I still own them, once conquored always conquored.  The saint that gives you naam, owns you until you are ready to be released, or unless a bigger Guru takes over (like you need teachers until you qualify).  But, once you have got the degree (become a Master of Naam) then no one can take it back.


Love is priceless.  A beloved soul asked me on the phone before coming here, if I needed anything, if there were any gifts he could buy me?  I replied, “Look, all these products are overfilling the shops, but you cant buy love.”


I just need each of you to become a Guru.  There is no bigger gift you can give to me.  My aim is to ferry across the world under God’s Grace.  Always thank God and Guru for everything, for naam which is everything.


Religions are full of Gurus that were reformed robbers, murderers, butchers or demons.  Everyone can become a Guru.  Because by karma we have all sinned (that’s why we have to be born again to clear the debt).  After being born we have done one sin or the other.  From that one sin we can then look for goodness.  As soon as one sin is there it becomes a marker on one side.  Then as soon as one good deed is done that becomes a marker on the other side.  Between these two markers you have your memory and your knowledge.  You have to get out of this illusion, out of this measurement of yourself and of others.  You have to become of one mind one focus.  To see the One God everyhere , on each side wether seemingly good or bad.  Not to think for example that I was abused and that was worst experience of my life.  Nor on the other side to think that I won the lottery and that was best experience.  Learn to see it all as ONE experience of God.  That’s how you get out of temporary pain and go into permanent “sat chit anand” – TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS.
I went through pain too.