When the house was ransacked (by a mob of 500 led by narrow minded religious fanatics religious leaders and religious place committee) a phenomena happened caused by God.  They ransacked the house but couldn’t touch me.  They couldn’t find me, a sangat member asked me to step into the bathroom. The attackers were so blinded by their own anger, they didn’t open the bathroom door as they ransacked the rest of the house.   When they left I came out and laughed at it.  The congregation asked ‘why are you laughing?”.  I replied, ‘this is just an inn – it doesn’t effect me.’


They can take all the bricks, smash all the windows, whatever they have done will happen to their soul – that will be their punishment.  Who is their GURU?  Will they say NANAK? NANAK is not GURU now.  He, the human body called Nanak,  is a "has been" Guru.   What was in Nanak, in his physical body, that made him Guru?

SATNAAM! That is Guru.


He, SATNAAM came in Baba ji’s body and the attackers are telling SATNAAM in Baba Ji’s body what to do and what not to do?  What do they think their punishment will be?  They will never be able to do religion.  They will never be able to reach contentment.  All is punishment now.  Their entire existance on Earth in this life will be punishment.  They will live, will have a job, will have money and have offspring, but not contentment.  Joy of the spirit, heart and mind?  Never.   That will stay as hell.  They will go through everything, but not happy at anything.  Living dead, living torture – tormented by your own deeds through the mind.

They could not tolerate Truth.  They broke into the house to steal the belongings.  Who has ego then?  They do.  The slanderer has the ego.  If you slander me and I have tolerated the slandering – I am Gurmukh (Enlightened soul), I have Amrit (Immortal God Cosmic Energy) in me.  I have the real strength.   I have humility in me.
Humility can absorb a bullet. Pride cannot.  The bullet of Truth. 
That’s what these fake Khalsa, looking good on the outside full of religious pride on the inside, could not absorb, when we delivered Truth.
Truth is a bullet that only kills ego.  Not the person. 
So whatever I said was absolute truth – I have no guilt.


Following that, when the congregation stopped coming and started slandering, did I worry?  No, because I knew God is taking care of everything for the best.  And look what happened we got a better house and $100K cheaper,  Pritam Anand got a better job only 4Km away,  and even the backgarden had ready to eat vegetables waiting for us!


Wherever we go we get a discount – doesn’t matter what it is!!!


 “God himself take cares of His lover’s tasks.”


If my whole family and congregation goes, I only gained more peace and more Satnaam meditation.  If people slandered me, then I gained more time, they lost their peace.  They have given me so much – they don’t know.  Now they have complained about God taking one thing from them and forgotten the nine other things he has still left them.   Even if my wife and children say we are leaving you alone, I will say  “Thankque.  God is also alone! And I am God-like."  I would just live in my car and be happy about it.  People say a Guru is half-mad anyway, he goes away from the world.   I am quite happy to drive around and become a vagabond Guru and even throw the car keys away if that was God’s command and walk with nothing.