Your surrender has to be complete to whoever gives you Naam, otherwise impurity (slander) will bounce back to you from the Truth.  You have to earn poverty of the heart by giving to others and be patient, it will all come back to you when you finish your loving devotional worship (bhagati).  So what have you lost when you give your daswand (tenth)?   Be patient while doing loving devotional worship.  You are giving your things back in return for the ONE NAME. 


My son told me that he gave lots of money to the poor because he had the feeling inside to do that.   If you do your loving devotional worship 100% God will change your kids and parents for the better as well. 


Dassan Dass was unemployed, even then he borrowed to give his tenth (daswand) that he had never given in his life, and got a job right away.  Its only fear that stops you giving.  By giving you are breaking the fear and breaking the neck of ego.   Like a farmer who plants half the seeds and eats the other half … sowing for the future.  Receive in one hand give from the other – don’t let it stick to you in between.  


Living in the Will of God everyday, every moment, every second is the loving devotional worship.  Miracles happened in our congregation.   Dassan Dass and another guy’s eyes were healed in one spontaneous moment.  They had been wearing glasses for 20 year prior to that.


I have freed Dassan Dass.  He was my son from the past lives.  (And again in this life he was Baba Ji’s spiritual son, his disciple).  But, now I have given him the status, “You are my Father (God is manifested in Dassan Dass ji), I am your son.”  


Baba Ji has become the disciple, the disciple has become Baba Ji.  (When your soul-drop merges into God the Soul-Ocean, then you are the same as the Guru who was the ocean guiding you home. The Guru and the disciple become one and the same.)


God, You Yourself are the Guru,
and God, You Yourself are the chaylaa, the disciple;
 through the Guru, I meditate on You. ||19||
Those who serve You God, become You.
 You preserve the honor of Your servants. ||20||



I said to him, “Now you are free.  Only ParBraham (Supreme Lord) is your Gur-Guru (God-Guru) now.  My job is done.   When the Hukam (mission from God received through your intuition) will come, follow it.  What I knew I taught you.”


If you want to get appreciated in God’s court, you have to appreciate his Lover (Bhagat) first.  If you slander his Lover (Bhagat), there is no Divine Court waiting to welcome you. (The slanderer of God’s lover is not accepted into God’s court – the realm of Truth – Sach Khand).