These slandererous people in the Gurdwaras, they really have no brains!!  I have travelled through the entire scriptures.  And have eaten all the divine pearls of wisdom all the pebbles, diamonds and rubies.  Only the one who has tasted it knows it.  That’s why God’s closest name after Truth is Mind (munn).  


These people in the Gurdwaras, the committee people who said that I control people using ‘mind control’,  well they are not listening to the scriptures. 


“oh subh mann mahe, subh mann uss mahe”. 

 God resides in all minds, and all minds reside within God….Gurbani.


Only the divine word (Sat Naam & Sat Bachan – God’s Name and Wisdom) can control your mind.   But, todays religious people will give you limited colours to wear (and other colours to avoid).  That’s a mind control.  Its a control in the name of religion. Narrow-minded religious people say, "You will eat from an iron bowl"- that’s a dictum brain wash. They imply that "If you dont eat from an iron bowl you’re not going to get salvation".  It is a fear factor that works very sweetly. Its a dominancy.


Symbolism and ritualism are anti-religion. It is a diversity yes, but diversity produces ego. Competition.  And what do the scriptures say? Get out of it.


These people who slander us just goto the Gurdwara but never actually analyse the scriptures.  So what is righteous living? Live without desires and be happy with what he gives you and what he makes you do.  Kill the desires, it’s all God.


I am preaching Naam, why would this be fraud.   How will I do fraud?  I don’t know how to read Panjabi.   I was a idiot dancing in the Gurdwara for 7 years in front of you.  And for me, I loved and served the whole congregation as my Satguru.  But they were laughing at me.  Then they slandered me, and ridiculed the ones who came to me and had visions of saints and God.  If those ones saw the visions of the saints and everything else, then it is God’s graciousness and kindness to them as per their destiny. 


Do I do voodoo?  When have you or anybody seen any ‘thabeet’ (objects for doing black-magic) or any worshipping of any “deh” (human body)?  (Baba Ji doesn’t get people to worship him, only to worship the One God.  Baba Ji only puts each person in touch with God inside themselves (inner Guru), rather than becoming dependent on him, the outer Guru)? 


I didn’t sell the scriptures or do ritual readings, so why would I do voodoo?  (The local papers and Gurdwara comittees along with narrow-minded religious people and religious leaders accused Baba Ji of doing black magic and getting himself worshipped.)
Whom you call a Husband, God, I didn’t put any price on Him (didn’t sell God’s word as they do in the Gurdwaras – buying and selling ritual readings.  Buying and selling the scriptures.  Buying and selling prayer books, songs of praise tapes, videos etc).


By slandering a saint, you are slandering God (inside them).  And you are sowing the rewards of slandering for yourself.  You will reap what you sow.  You slander an ordinary person, then you will be slandered too.  But, if you slander a saint, then you have closed the door to God for yourself and your future generations.


I am stupid, I have nothing, all I have is truthful love and how He made me taste it, understand it and evaluate it.  Seven years in the Gurdwara, people laughed at me, taunted me, slandered me, they still do.  They robbed me in the end. (The narrow-minded religious people raided Baba ji’s house and stole the Scriptures).  I never sold the scripture, not on any day, not any verse of it. 


If I call God “kanjar” (Male Prostitute), I am also his “kanjari”(female prostitute) who spoke the Truth. (A lot of people doubted Baba Ji because he sometimes used crude language.   Baba Ji was trying to wake people up.  They have gone deaf to the scriptures that say God is the King of Kings.  So Baba Ji said the reverse, God is the Prostitute of Prostitutes.  That offended people but it made them stop and think.  But still most of them didn’t release that if you believe God is everything, if you believe the Gurus when they say see gold and dust as the same, then also realise that King of Kings and Prostitute of Prostitutes is the same too.)   But the pimps (priest class) who rob the others in the Gurdwaras and what not religious places, became thugs and thieves in reality.


They (Baba Ji’s critics) say that Baba ji says "I did it"  (they accuse Baba Ji of being an ego-maniac, a self-proclaimed Guru).  They think that my "I" is like their "I".  They forget that we are the thirsty ones (meaning that Baba Ji is one of those blessed souls thirsty for God, unlike most people who are hungry for maya only).  This "I" is SatNaam talking (through Baba Ji, as ego doesn’t remain and only Supreme Light shines), not the "I" that is ego(haumai).    This is where they go wrong when listening to me.


I rejected what the so-called Pure people (ones who have taken Sikh initiation, put on religious uniform, stuck out their chest in pride and think of themselves as Pure – proud of being Pure – but are full of the dirt of pride inside).   I said that they are thugs and donkeys (Guru Gobind Singh ji warned his Pure lions not to turn into egotistical donkeys).  Enlightened Souls are the only Pure Ones (Guru Gobind Singh Ji said that Pure one is the one who has manifested light of God in their heart ..pooran jyot jagay ghat meh tab khaalas tahi nikhaalaas janaay.).  Only the Enlightened Soul was, is and shall be Pure.  Anyone else is a fraud.