BABA JI:  When I was going through depression in my days before entering the spiritual path,  a co-worker girl took me too Church.  I was in Catholic school until age 8 raised by nuns, so I was open minded about it.  She was divine.   Her hand used to shake all the time, that is signature that she is attached to the divine spirit.  She did hands on healing – beautiful few days.  She had no knowledge of Guru.  I had no knowledge at all!   It was a beautiful 3 days.  Take everything at the time whether you understand it or not, whether you have Guru or not (no religious pride getting in the way).  


God needs a body to heal and bless others through.  By touching, you heal, like the mother touches the child, like husband embraces the wife, like brother touches his sister on the head to give a blessing.


Do Satnaam meditation.  Put your hand on where the sickness is.  Hands on healing, little bit of your Amrit will heal the child.  Healing with word and mouth, that heals the heart.  Talk uplifting thoughts to anyone who is in sickness.  Tell them not to think about their sickness, think about God.  Get away from thinking about yourself and your sickness.  Because thinking about it ties it to your body and it doesn’t go.   So take the sickness out of your thought and it will go.


Bring God in, bring Truth in.  Bring His Light in.  Ask for Him to come into your life.  Ask for Him to come into the original heart that He is.  Ask for Him to guide you in thought.  Ask Him what He would want you to do.  Not you telling HIM what to do.


PRITAM ANAND JI:  One person had cancer in England, and a devotee in Canada called him over from England into hospital.  Then requested Baba Ji to help him.  Baba Ji went to the hospital everyday, gave him the blessings of Naam, served him with loving devotion.  The guy said "I have got a lot of peace now."  He died in peace and Baba Ji gave him a place in God’s court (dargah).


Once Baba ji had an eye operation, but next day got a request to give naam to someone.  Baba Ji drove for hours to get there and gave them naam.


Baba ji is servant of Naam regardless of what happens to him.  Baba Ji and me went to someone’s house.  The two daughters had been married to religious “amrit-dharee” sikhs for 8 years without any problems.  But all of a suddent both marriages fell apart, and both daughters were back at their parents house.


We went to see them and were told that their husbands were part of the mob that attacked Baba ji’s house Jun 03 and that their family problems started after that.  Baba Ji gave them the Graceful Naam.  He told them to be lionesses and the husbands will come back begging for them.  That’s exactly what happened and they went back to the husbands home with respect.


PRITAM ANAND JI: A lady in the congregation came from England and had many family problems. Spirits possessed her mother-in-law and Baba ji excorcised them,  Baba ji told her do selfless service and Satnaam meditation and everything became OK because the spirit that was causing problem had now left.


BABA JI:  When she was possessed she used to dance out of control and got scared because she didn’t know what was happeneing to her.  But it was her own fault because it is their own filth that comes out.  If they were not filthy then filth would not attach to them.  By being negative you attract negativity.  By slandering saints you attract evil spirits (preth).  Its all your own doing.  You can either attract Akal Purakh or attract Hell.  God has given you a choice.  Its up to you.


BABA JI:  A sangat member’s wife used to see the holocust replay all the time in her dreams and waking, was haunted by her past life.  I sat her for meditation for 5 minutes.  Took her from all that to the light in 5 minutes.  She said, “its the greatest light, I see very pure lotuses opening up, all is light.”  I said go take a shower.  The haunting stopped.  But then she slandered me and she sees it all again – all she sees is hell.  From here to God and back to hell is just a moment.  Both centres are in the body. 


The moment you you do good you will hear anhad naad (unstruck melody).  The moment you slander you will hear only hell, chains, hammers screams , screeches and uncoordinated music.   I don’t care where the ungrateful slanderers go now to find peace. Tie yourself in the Golden Temple and nothing will happen to stop the hell (only apologising to the Guru who you slandered, or finding a bigger Guru to undo the karmic damage will give them peace).