The humble servant of the Lord completes his own devotional worship (bhagti) and then becomes a vessel through which God himself blesses others to complete their spiritual path too.  We are so blessed to have such a great soul with us right now.

Baba Ji was born in 1951 in a village near Ludhiana, Punjab, India, but grew up in Delhi after his family moved there.  His father passed away early on and his grandfather loved him very much.  His grandfather was spiritually blessed with deep reverance for the Guru Granth. He sung the hymns and Baba ji enjoyed his company

Baba ji studied in English and Hindi and although he can speak Punjabi he cannot read or write it.  At the age of seven he was already asking himself “Who am I?” “What is the purpose of my life?”  He always felt God was close to Him.

He emigrated to Canada in 1972 and left his inheritance to his Uncle against the wishes of his Grandfather he did not see his drunken uncle as responsible enough to run the family transaport business. 

Everything started to change for Baba Ji in 1989.  He was involved in a car crash and spent three days in a coma.  His soul went directly to God (he was blessed from previous lives), but he was sent back as it was not yet his time to depart.  For another four years he carried on living a worldly life, but then in 1993, at the age of 42, his life turned around completely.  God woke him up and the sweetest voice, the mother of all voices requested him to devote himself to God by doing Naam Simran (Remembrance of the Name).    Baba Ji did not even know how to devote himself to Naam Simran, he had no idea what it was.  But he started by listening to the prayers (gurbani)  and praises (kirtan). Baba ji would remain absorbed like this for hours on end.   A few months later, God requested him to selflessly serve (seva) others.

Baba Ji spent the next 7 years driving daily a distance of 50 Km each way to the nearest Gurdwara.  He would arrive at 2.30 am and wake up the priests (gianis).  He started by washing up all the dishes left over from the night before, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the windows.   He loved doing this service so much, he would even pray to God to give him plenty of work to do – and God did!   Sometimes he would even empty out his whole wallet for the use of the Gurdwara (temple).  Whatever  he would buy for himself, he would buy a similar thing for the Gurdwara so deep was his love for the congregation (sangat).  After completing his early morning service, he would bow to the Guru Granth and listen to the singing praises (kirtan).  He would go into smadhi (deep meditation state) and be intoxicated, often dancing for hours on end.  He did not miss a day for seven years and went even if he was sick.

After a year, his wife Mata Ji, also joined him in this service.  Sometimes they would drop all of their gold jewellery into the donation box.  They broke all of their attachments to worldy objects for the love of the congregation.

Baba Ji was absorbed in every word of the Guru Granth, so much so that often he would laugh loudly or shed tears of love . This was the state of divine bliss he was in.  Many people at the Gurdwara would come especially to sit near him and feel the peace that was coming from him.  They would talk to him and start following his simple advice to do Naam Simran (remembrance of the Naam) and selfless service(seva).

Whilst in smadhi, in total absorbtion in the love of God, Baba Jj’s body would go into various positions, such as arms outstretched welcoming the Lord into his heart.  People did not understand this and started wondering what he was.  Some slandered him and laughed at him calling him mad.  Others thought he must be a Hindu or Muslim (he had cut hair).    The more hardened Sikhs found it offensive and disturbed Baba ji three times (although one did apologise later after relaising his mistake).  They broke the most beautiful union between the lover of God and God for the sake of rules and regulations of the Gurdwara – the place of God!

Baba ji had been feeling for a while that his time at the Gurdwara was coming to an end.  That his loving devotional service (bhagti) was complete now.   So when the Gurdwara committee told him not to come anymore he took it as God’s way of telling him.   He stopped going to the Gurdwara in June 2000.

The people who loved Baba Ji’s company started organising their own gatherings at their own houses inviting Baba Ji and the message of Truth was now spread like this.

God was so pleased with Baba Ji, that in the last week of 29 April, 2001 Baba ji was blessed with the spiritual light of 1000 Suns (Soorajs) to his feet.  Baba ji was celebrated in God’s court (Dargah) and released 100 million sufferers from hell.   In God’s court the saints are honoured by having their own house, eg house of Nanak.  Baba Ji replaced the houses of several Hindu saints and gods into a new one called “Sundar-Nagri” meaning the Beautiful Town.   Along with a new beautiful greeting “Satnaam ji ka Khalsa Satnaam ji ki Fateh.”

Baba Ji’s absorbed completely into God’s feet and entered an even higher place in Sach-khand where the Lord Himself resides in pure form called Realm of the Supreme (Par-Braham Khand).   Baba Ji was in perfect divine union and was made into SatGuru by God – God (SAT) would work through Baba Ji in the Creation.

Later that year Baba Ji received God’s command to have a second divine marriage to Shotee Mata Ji.  This was to balance out past karma.  Many of the sangat did not accept this and left Baba Ji.   But Baba Ji and the spiritually elevated souls in the sangat heard the command of God that this was to balance out past karma.  That it was Gods’ desire not Baba Ji’s desire and if Baba Ji or Shotee Mata Ji or Dass Ji disobeyed the “Hukam” they would lose all of their spiritual labouring (bhagati).

In 2003, Baba Ji once again had a huge sangat gathering on a daily basis at his house in the hills.   By this time he was challenging the hypocritcal practises in the Sikh Gurdwaras.  The Sikh leaders gathered an angry mob and whipped them up into a frenzy.  They attacked the sangat of women, children and the elderly but God protected Baba Ji.  As they left, Baba Ji laughed and said to God that God gave the house, God destroyed the house, it was all God’s play.
Now Baba Ji is still serving the masses in unseen ways and has given the website seva to Dassan Dass Ji who Baba ji has made into the same as Himself.  Baba Ji and Dassan Dass Ji are giving the blessings of Gurprasadi Naam and uplifiting humanity through the eternal message of Truth, Love and Compassion.

Most of the remainder of the articles are all in Baba Ji’s own words.  Be inspired to ask for Gurprasadi Naam (email, to come under the shelter of at least one Guru's lotus feet and to complete the journey of your own soul.


Dhan Dhan is Baba Ji who has been kind enough and so fearless in serving the Truth and obeying the Hukam of Paar Braham Parmesar  (Supreme God). Otherwise let us look at ourselves, who would  be willing and bold enough to tell His own story like this?  The reason is very simple and pure – Service of the Truth and nothing else, obeying the Hukam of Akal Purakh and nothing else.

Akal Purakh wanted Baba Ji to take the slander of the whole world and Baba Ji accepted it gladly and did it.  Baba Ji  has not left his family duties at all. Mata Ji (first wife) is Dhan Dhan too who accepted this Hukam of Akal Purakh and so is Shotee Mata Ji and Dass Ji who accepted to serve their Guru, so is the Dhan Dhan Sangat who didn't leave Baba Ji in this hour of slander from the whole world.

The spiritual level of Baba Ji and His Sangat and has gone up unimaginably high since the acceptance of this Hukam and the Kirpa (grace) of Paar Braham (God) has increased incredibly on Baba Ji and the entire Satnaam Family.   Everyday there is a new Suhagan (graced soul blessed with Naam) born in Baba Ji’s sangat.  Amrit is Bharpoor (supreme) in His Sangat.  Sangat is Nihaal (Elated) under His Chatttar (Shelter) all over the world.

The Sangat which has not even met Baba Ji in person all over the world have become Suhagans (brides of God).  There are Suhagans in India, England, America, Canada, and other parts of the world, the real Satnaam Family of enlightened souls is growing at a much faster pace now than ever it was.

Dassan Dass