(We are watching a video of the intoxicated congregation while they are doing kirtan at someones house.  The tabla player’s eyes are rolling upwards, he looks like he in a trance, playing tabla in autopilot, totally unaware of where he is and who he is.)


BABA JI: He is in samadhi – he is "gone" – it is God playing tabla – the best tabla player in the world!


MATA JI: I used to be a very nervous driver, but did benti (humble request) to Baba ji (prayed to God to help overcome fear). And now God is driving in me and I can go anywhere at anytime no fear.  I drive laughing and smiling and often speeding – then go into asans (arms and hands assume various meditation positions) and even take hands off the steering wheel but the car carries on safely in God’s hands.


I got a good driver – God’s my husband.


Also God is now my first husband and she Baba ji is my boyfriend! (She laughs and everyone laughs and jokes.) 


BABA JI: See how we live? No strings attached – no selfish attachment (family attachments)- no strings attached. When MATA ji drives she says ‘Baba ji (God) you are taking me, you do whatever YOU want!’


MATA JI: God is taking me everywhere.  Even at work I never ask the supervisor for a light job or a particular area to in.  Instead I ask God ‘Baba ji put me wherever YOU want to put me.’


Then I get the right job for me on that day.  So get into the habit of putting God first in EVERY thing, then you wont feel guilty at what happens.  For example,  when having to talk and stand up to your parents say to God, ‘Baba ji, you talk, not me’.  Then whatever is said is said by God.


PASS IT ALL ON TO GOD.  Give your tongue to HIM.  Give yourself to HIM. 


I didn’t used to be happy and smiling all the time like I am now.  For Him (God) to come home in this Creation (to come and reside in your heart and take control) you have to give up your self-centred worldly wisdom. 


Everything changed after the ‘Hukam’ came (for Baba ji to be with Shotee Mata Ji). I am not what I was three years ago (prior to the Hukam).  I had to kill my self inside – kill the selfish attachment (family attachement) – kill the MY husband, MY kids.   It changed to  ‘I am YOURS (God).  Husband is YOURS, kids are YOURS’.


Now I love Baba ji just as any other member of the congregation loves their Guru.  No family attachments – no selfish attachment. 



BABA JI: You only start to enjoy life when you are free from all attachments in your mind, you don’t command others and you don’t expect from others.  What does a drunkard do?  They get drunk and forget who they.  That’s when they enjoy their intoxication the most.  That’s the only reason they go to get drunk.  If they don’t reach the point of forgetting who they are they don’t feel satisfied – they remain miserable.


Same with drugs, same with intoxication of ATAM RAS – spiritual Bliss – you forget yourself and start seeing everything as ONE.


Selfish attachment breaks , start seeing everything as one and then there is NO ANIMOSITY. 


SHOTEE MATA JI: That ‘HUKAM’ was the biggest test.  Then when the baby  was born society started slandering again – another big test.  Then my close family turned against us – yet another test.


The biggest one was when my family turned against me – because selfish attachment is the hardest one to break – it screams inside you.


BABA JI: My MAAN (self pride, expecting respect for myself, MY reputation, what other people think of me) was broken first because he was dancing in public congregation all night and all through morning congregation.  


1 AM – Nitnem Paryers started, 6AM Asa-dee-var kirtan finishes, NOON wedding completes and I was till there dancing intoxicated!!   Everyone laughing at me, slandering me.  I used to have my back to the scriptures and bow to each person as they bowed.  God said to me "I am not in the book, I am in the congregation (people of the congregation)".


Hundreds of people used to come at 1 AM to see the "Dancing Baba".  People used to ask, ”Is he a Muslim? Is he a Hindu?” (Baba ji had short hair in those days).  I lost all my self- respect (maan) in society.  I lost my own wisdom (manmat) right there.


I hacked away self-pride piece by piece for 7 years. 


I went as far as to say ‘He is the Husband, you are the bride(disciple) and I am the pimp (satguru)"


SHOTEE MATA JI:  Our baby was brought up and raised in the congregation – got 20-30 cuddles a day!  Everyone likes a baby.


H: A Gurmukh is born in the sadh sangat – saint’s congregation.


BABA JI:  She was dancing like a swirling dervish (when we were doing congregation)


SHOTEE MATA JI:  She was in the womb when Baba Ji used to speak loudly and with power (Pure ParBrahm was speaking Truth fearlessly), and that’s passed onto our daughter.  Sometimes she scares me!  I don’t miss my mum-in law, I got her to shout at me now! And she loves Satnaam because congregation was doing Satnaam all the time.


BABA JI: What is a marriage?  It is an illusion.   How you take how HE keeps you, that is your loving devotional worship.  We (Baba ji and MATA ji) are out of selfish attachment-Maya  (family attachments).  Everything we know and think is right we have learnt.  But to go back to the Source (SatNaam) we have to unlearn, to unwind and become simple and free.