PRITAM ANAND JI:   The first congregation at Baba Ji’s residence was just Baba Ji’s grace and words (no kirtan or chanting).  I did not think I could do kirtan – no one knew how to play the harmonium (vaja) or tabla.  But in the congregation everyone was welcome to sing and play anything (pots and pans and spoons) with JOY whatever their heart desired.  Next, we started combined singing, the first person sung IK OANKAR  then next one joined in and so on, then SATNAAM.  That singing without instruments was our kirtan. 


BABA JI:  You don’t need instruments, every sound goes through your seven chakras,  7 notes in the musical scale relate to the seven chakras.  eg AAH  , EEE  etc.  Each resonates on one chakra with one associated meditation position (ASAN).  Although, every sound in the Universe is Anhad Naad (unstruck melody- divine music) for me.  I have united Sargun-Nirgun (meaning experiences God full on in all sounds – God is the source of all sounds.  Anhad Naad is the source of all sounds.  All sounds take Baba Ji back to the Source – God).  All sounds are ANHAAD NAAD for me. 
I have experienced 1000 tongues attached to this body.  I am an orchestra to myself and Shiva dances.   Life is a dance, inner command, light and God is stable,  only mind and body is not stable its on the outside so it dances.  Do whatever you like in loving devotional worship.  You don’t need to ask if its right or not.  Just go with the flow – dance.  Go into meditation postures (Asan). Smile.  Sing.  Enjoy.


PRITAM ANAND JI: In Baba Ji’s congregation everyone was and still is welcome with no restrictions.  They can sit on the  floor, chair, sofa, keep head covered or not – all OK.  Anything congregation donated Baba ji wore those colourful turbans or passed on the suits and gifts to the needy.  Baba Ji never kept any secrets from congregation.  He told them his past of drinking and gambling and how he got out of falsehood and how we can do it too. 


Any movies made in congregation were given to religious places to share knowledge, to show them look what Guru Nanak left us in the Guru Granth, but look at the hypocrisy that is going on in the Gurdwara.  Baba Ji was only telling people what God told him to.  Baba Ji did not gain anything from this venture for himself.  In the end, he lost his house, he lost his congregation too.  But he was given inner command to deliver Truth, not to make money or to make a large congregation.


Baba Ji doesnt desire to make a new religion or money, He just wants the shelter of God ( ParBrahm  Sarnaaee) and people to remember Truth – “Sat Naam” God.  So don’t get attached to Baba Ji either.  Baba Ji says,  “Just do Truth and conquor your mind".


BABA JI:  A Guru does not need to know how do do kirtan or how to play instruments in order to give the Gurprasad-Graceful Naam and Light of God.  My congregation was just discourse for the first 6 to 8 months, and people would go right into samadhi (by just hearing Baba Ji’s amrit words).


Watch the video tapes of the congregation and you can actually see people’s face lighting up when they get impregnated with naam – with God’s light Energy.