I have heard tree’s calling my name.  We have three trees in the other house when I was with my wife.   I taught her how to talk to plants, she used to talk to the trees.  So one day I was standing on the balcony, and the tree’s started calling my name.   The tree said : Where is she?  I replied, “Who?”  The tree said, “Your wife?”.  I asked, “How do you know her?”.  The tree told me, “Its been a year since we’ve neen talking! She talks to us everyday!)”   (Baba Ji laughs).


We talk to plants in the house.  She does it all the time (Baba ji’s wife).   By talking to them, that’s how they will grow.


You develop your compassion.  I talk to all the trees when I drive. I say "What are you guys doing? Give me my Amrit!” Then ‘BOOM’ my car is full of Amrit.


Have you ever talked to Air-Guru( Pawan Guru)?   Guru Nanak said “sul gala akash ki” meaning “listen to the air speaking”. But religious people say that the Guru is in the scriptures.  The book is spread out!   (Baba ji laughs).  Talk to that Guru.   That’s the command of the scriptures that you call Guru. 


(In summary) It says, “Talk to nature as I (God the Highest Guru) am in nature, All-Pervading within the Creation. The creation is my body.”  

naanak kaa jeeo pi(n)dd guroo hai gur mil thripath aghaaee ||31||

The Guru is Nanak’s body and soul;

meeting the Guru, he is satisfied and satiated. ||31||