In the beginning when God separated Himself, God cried for the nightingale (saint soul). Then when the nightingale sung the song “tuhee tuhee – You Lord, only You” God got the greatest joy.    


God was deaf and mute i.e. HE doesn’t come into the Creation although He is permeating every bit of it.   So the nightingale gave the tongue to God to sing and speak in the Creation.  Loving Devotion (Bhagati) was created by the Lover of Gods (Bhagats), the nightingales.    Their signature is extreme love and extreme compassion.  Their ego is crucified whilst alive during the process of loving devotion (bhagati).  The physical body crucifixion holds no fear for them (like Jesus), they are already dead to the world from within.


The ones that think they are honouring God by trying to kill the the saint who is already dead from within, what glory are they giving to God?  The saint has already glorified God by obeying His Divine Law.  By killing his body, you are crucifying yourself in countless rebirths for the punishment you will suffer. 

And then again, the day will come when the same nightingale will be sent on this Earth again and the slanderer’s soul will meet him again and be forgiven and taken further in sprituality.  Otherwise the slanderer or killer of the saint not progress to God.

Such is the game of God.