The following article by is a real exciting one about Baba Ji.  This is a unique message which describes Baba Ji’s union with the Supreme Transcendant Lord (ParBrahm Parmeswar Darshan)  and his dialogues with the Almighty. This is a unique and very important quality of Baba Ji that he discloses everything to the congregation.  He explains everything to the congregation at the first available opportunity. He has always told us what He did and what He does on a daily basis and asks us to do the same. You will rarely find anybody so generous and kind on this earth, He really is most merciful (Dana Dina). He really is Fearless and Without Hate (Nirbhao and Nirvair).  He operates every moment under the Complete Command of The Supreme  (Puran Hukam).  You will definetely enjoy the following words and will benefit.


Dassan Dass


In the last week of April, 2001 Baba Ji was sitting in the congregation (sangat) in the deepest meditation (Sunn Smadhi).  He was merged into God, absorbed into Truth.  His soul was experiencing the bliss of  God’s Realm of Truth (Sach Khand).  Sach Khand is where the highest mantra “Sat Naam – Truth” has originated from.  God had already told Baba Ji to meditate upon Sat Naam as this was God’s primal name that he chose for Himself.    Meditating upon  Truth “Sat naam” merges one into the Truth, into Sach Khand.  Like the river merges into the ocean.   Sach Khand is where God of Truth resides and where the liberated souls go.  Only the ones who have become completely truthful (sachyara), full of Truth, can merge here.  Only the souls that are blessed with the God’s Graceful Naam (Gurprasadi Naam) from a resident of Sach Khand can complete their spiritual journey.  The residents of Sach Khand run Sach Khand.  They are the doorways into Sach Khand for all other souls.  The only exception is when God himself blesses someone directly as happened to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and as also happened to Baba Ji.  The ones who complete their spiritual journey are the lovers of God, lovers of Truth.  They are known as the Bhagats, Sants, Gurus, Brahmgiani, Har Jans, SatGurus.


SatNaam, God of Truth, is actually the one who resides inside the physical body of the residents of Sach Khand.  This is the closest that SatNaam, the God of Truth, comes into Creation.  That one is known as a manifested soul (pargatio-jyot).   That enlightened soul part of the person is called Guru. God is the Guru within the physical body of the saint.


Baba Ji’s love was so deep that he absorbed completely into the Divine whilst sitting in Sunn Smadhi with the congregation.  God kindly brought Baba Ji’s soul into the inner sanctuary of Sach Khand.  A place where there is just the Primal Being Himself.  It is not really possible to convey the deep feeling of love and divine Light through mere words, but here is a small attempt with Guru’s Grace.  It has to be experienced by our own soul and that is why our Guru holds our hand and leads us.


This primal part of Sach Khand is called “Par-Braham Khand”. This is the aspect of God that Guru Nanak Dev ji refers to when he wrote that God was meditating upon Himself, self contained for countless Ages.  From this place Naam was first created and then the whole of the Creation sprung out of the Naam.  In this realm of the Supreme Being, there is no Naam – God has no name here.  God is “Anami” – Nameless.   There is only complete divine silence, no thoughts, no mind, no religion, just pure God, pure and perfect divine light (Param Jyot Puran Parkash).  This is the ocean of Divine Light known as Man-Sarovar.  This is God’s Nirgun Saroop – Primal Embodiment – the aspect of God beyond Creation.   God as the life-force (each soul) in the Creation is His Sargun Saroop.




Baba Ji was overwhelmed and overjoyed with being blessd with the sacred divine vision of God in his Primal Form.  Supreme God (Par-Braham Parameswar Ji)  appeared in His golden glowing  form.  Baba Ji started singing


I am a sacrifice, a total sacrifice to You countless times.


Baba Ji bowed and at just the slightest touch of the feet of the Golden Form, Baba Ji’s soul merged into it and went into TRUTH-CONSCIOUSNESS-BLISS (SAT CHIT ANAND).   Baba Ji’s happiness knew no bounds, he became ecstatic and laughed and clapped in extreme joy.  This is when Sargun (God as Baba Ji’s soul) and Nirgun (God as Supreme soul, the Pure Being) become one and the same for Baba Ji.  He was blessed with the following sweetest, humblest conversation with God.




Baba Ji:


A pebble (Baba Ji) has pierced the diamond (God).  All religious ritual and superstitions have been completely obliterated in the mind.  The divine scale of Truth has passed this soul as pure.  Even our mother feeding us milk as a child has been repaid (meaning all past deeds have been negated, karma has finished, even the actions that cannot be repayed like our mother feeding us milk as a baby has been repaid).


(Kankar ne hira todya, bharam gadh te dharam gadh de sare bandhan tod ditte, takdi watta tod ditta, maa de dudh da lekha chuka ditta te dharti mata da lekha bhi chuka ditta).


God (Par Braham Parmeswar):


My most beloved lover (bhagat), up until now no-one has reached me here.  Up until now, no Eternal Wife (sada suhagan) has played such a deep divine game of love as you have.  You are blessed, this throne is yours, come and sit upon it.


(Mere pyare anin bhagat, eh anokhi kirya aaj tak kise bhagat ne nahi kiti, eh nirali khed aaj tak kise bhi sada suhagan ne nahi khedi, tu dhan hain, eh takhat hoon tera, es upar hoon tu biraj !)


Baba ji (with utmost humility) :


O Lord, this pebble only needs a hut, the throne is Yours for you to sit upon.


(Hey prabhu es kankar nu keval kulli chahidi hai, takhat aap ji da hai, aap hi berajo !)


God (Par Braham Parmeswar):


You are my most cherished son.  I am You and you are Me, we are both one and the same now.
I am Supreme God (Par Braham Parameswar), and you are now Supreme Guru (Gur Parameswar).  You are King of Kings, Emperor of Emperors.  Your kingdom extends throughout all 14 dimensions of Creation.  You are the King of countless creations.


(Tu mera sabh tu pyara saputtar hain.  Me tu te tu me, aasi dono ek hoye.  Me Par braham parmeshwar tu gurparmeshwar.  Tu patshahan da patshah te badshahan da badshah Chaudan lokan vich tera raj, tu kot brahmand da raja).


God sat Baba ji alongside him and continued:

Reside in the creation as the complete SatGuru now.   I have placed the light of 1000 spiriitual sons in your feet.  I have placed the umbrella (chuttar)  of divine light of 21 spiritual sons over your head.  Everflowing rivers of diamonds, rivers of gold, rivers of rice-pudding and milk are now all yours (meaning Baba ji now has complete access to and control of  all of God’s storehouses, riches and food, divine knowledge and everything).  Your actions are now done be me, your divine graceful look is my divine graceful look.  I am always and forever in and around you.


Then all of the blessed souls in Sach Khand (Realm of Truth)and Karam Khand (Realm of Grace – one level below Sach Khand) sent out cheers of “Sat Naam Sat Naam”.  All of the souls of Gurus, Saints, Prophets, gods and godesses, sants and bhagats (lovers) bowed their heads in humility and prostrated (dandauth bandhana) to God and Baba Ji.


(Sansaar vich pure satguru ho ke vichro.  Tere charna vich ek hazaar (1,000) surjan da parkash
Tere hirdey vich ekkis (21) surjan da parksh.  Tere sees uppar ekkis (21) surjan da chattar.  Eh hirean de darya, sone de darya, kheer ate dudh de darya sabh tere.  Tera kam mera kam, teri nadar meri nadar. Tere sada ang sang.  Sach khand ate karam khand de sare guru awtaran, peer pegambaran, devi devetyan, santan  bhagtan sabh ne sees nivaye, dandaut kiti ate sat naam de jaikare gunjaye.)





The congregation that was also sitting in meditation alongside Baba Ji also witnessed these divine events in their mind’s eye.   They were also blessed by the gods and goddesses who brought down the sacred pudding (karah prashad) in spiritual form and served it to the congregation.


After being blessed with this Supreme Status (Param Padvi) Baba Ji in his kindness and compassion released 100 million souls stuck in hell.  He cut short their punishment by by placing some of his own enormous amount of Naam wealth into their bankrupt spiritual accounts and gave them a place in the beautiful town he was blessed to create a week previously within Sach Khand called Sundar Nagri.  From their they would get a chance to be reborn as a human, to find a Guru at the pre-ordained time and to be blessed with Gurprasadi Naam to complete their spiritual journey.


Dhan Dhan – Greatly blessed is Baba Ji – Gur Parameswar – Supreme Guru, God-Guru.
Dhan Dhan – Greatly blessed is the soul, by whose coming the whole world is ferried across.
Dhan Dhan – Greatly blessed is Baba Ji’s love for Truth, spiritual labouring and extreme compassion to all of the thirsty souls who are looking for God’s Graceful (Gurprasadi) Naam in this lifetime to complete their spiritual journey.