Dear Akal Purakh ji,                                                          


Baba ji you are wonderful, wonderful, Wahe Guru ji.


You are always with me, in me and around me ang-sang sahai.   


Your light, brighter than countless suns pours blessings always and forever.  


Bless me so I may always and forever be a radiant flower with its petals      

in full blossom like arms outstretched welcoming You into this body temple. 


May I hear your Name in me always and forever and feel and see you as 

I hear your Name.                                                              


Protect me SatGuru ji with Your hand of mercy over my head like an umbrella   

from ego-tripping when I play vaja imagining I’m a top class ragi getting     

flattered for my talent.


Protect me from imagining that I’m a sweetly speaking english discourser getting ego because people want to be with me.  Protect me Baba ji from imagining that I’m a top class Yogi like Sant-   

Sipahee with a mulitmillion pound businees under me and a whole community around me.  All these things lead me to desire and I get upset when I realise  that people are nasty.                                                        


All I want Baba jee is to be in love with you always and forever absorbed in your Lotus feet at the one place with one concentration.  To love you with gentle eyes and sweet words.                                             


My job Baba ji is to go the gurdwara, to do seva mind,.body and wealth.  To sing your praises and get uplifted by your Wonderful Name at Amritvela. 


My job is to stay away from wordly people.  Because of them my own five theives get aroused.   Best to obey your hukam and not to speak so much.                              



Thank you Akal Purakh ji.                                                      


Ant at your feet.